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AI Content Detector Review: What’s The Best AI Detection Tools?

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Looking for the best anti AI detector to predict the origin of the contents? Want to know if the contents are written by a person or generated by AI? You should try the AI content detector.

Why We Should Use The AI Detection Tool?

As we all know, AI content creators like ChatGPT can help create articles in several seconds. AI tool save people lots of time. But in some cases, we need to keep the original with our work and avoid the AI-generated contents.

For example, if you are the editor of your website, you should make sure all of the contents to update is written by human. Because you may get penalized by the search engine if you copy and paste the AI-generated contents for your websites.

Or if you are the teacher in schools and colleges, you need to distinguish the homework that submitted by your students is written by themself or by the AI content creators.

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AI Content Checker Review: Which One Should I Use?

In this test, I am going to randomly pick three human-written pieces of contents from my Blog thetrafficpie , and also use the ChatGPT to create three AI-written pieces(AI-generated piece sample 1 and 3 are created by both AI and human, while the AI-generated piece sample 2 is completely generated by ChatGPT ). Then I will use those six pieces of texts to review the AI Detection Tools: AI Text Classifier, Content at Scale and the AI Content Detector. Let’s continue to read and you’ll know which is the best one.

You can scroll down to the final part to check the detailed comparison and the result as I’ve sorted out how these three AI checkers’ performance in a chart already!

Content at Scale AI Detector

This AI content checker helps you checking if your contents are generated by AI or written by human. It presents the AI detection scores and forecast how robotic your content is. And the AI tool is very simple to use. All you need to do is pasting the content in the checking box and clicking the “Check For AI Content” button.Then it displays the detection scores of Predictability, Probability and Pattern.

Now I paste the 3 pieces of human-created content that are written by me to the Content at Scale AI checker:

Content at Scale AI Detector
Content at Scale AI Detector review
Content at Scale AI Detector spot human-wriiten content

Continue the 3 pieces of the AI-created contents:

Content at Scale detect AI content
Content at Scale AI content checker
Content at Scale review AI-generated content

Content at Scale AI Detector review: This AI detection app shows very detailed results and even highlights the sentences that are possibly generated by AI. All of the human-written text samples get pretty high scores(82%, 96%, 97%) and they are considered to be human-written contents. Not bad! However, as for the AI-generated text contents, the result comes out to be wrong when it detects the NO.3 sample. It labels the AI-generated piece to be ”Highly likely to be Human”, which is definitely not accurate.

AI Text Classifier

The AI Text Classifier is a free AI content detector that is released by OpenAI. It predicts and helps us checking if your text is generated by AI including ChatGPT. After you paste the text in the box of Classifier, your document text would be labeled as very unlikely, unlikely, unclear if it is, possibly, or likely AI-generated.

Now I’ll try 3 human-written texts and let’s see how the AI Text Classifier shows:

AI Text Classifier review
AI Text Classifier detect human-written content
AI Text Classifier best AI checker

Then I paste 3 AI-generated pieces and here are the results:

AI Text Classifier detect AI-generated content
AI Text Classifier from OpenAI
AI Text Classifier detecting result

OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier review: the detector can correctly identify the human-written contents and it considers my 3 pieces of texts to be “unlikely AI-generated”, “very unlikely AI-generated” and “very unlikely AI-generated”. But when it comes to the 3 AI-written pieces, this AI detection tool is a bit woolly-minded. It labels 2/3 of the content pieces( AI-generated sample 1 and 3) as “unclear if it is AI-generated”. However, I think the result is ok as these two sample pieces are partly human-written and partly AI generated. AI Content Detector

The AI content detector bot from is one of the most popular AI checkers that are using to detect AI-generated contents. It gives you a detection score between 0-100%. If the score is higher than 80%, then your content is likely to be written by human. But if it’s not, you need to change the sentence structure and use different word choices. Now, let’s see how this AI Content Detector actually performs

I paste 3 pieces of human-written items like what I did above:

And then the 3 AI-generated pieces:’ s AI Content Detector review: as you can see the results above, this AI content checker gives all of the content samples high scores and considers that they are human-generated contents, though the last three items are generated by ChatGPT. What’s more, it’s only available to check 1,500 characters at a time, which is quite inefficient to get the job done. So I don’t think the’ s AI Content Detector is a good and effective AI checker tool, at least not now!

Final Verdict: What’s The Best Content Detector?

Below I sort out the detection results of the three AI content checkers: Content at Scale AI Detector, OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier and the’ s AI Content Detector.

  Content at Scale AI Detector AI Text Classifier’ s AI Content Detector
Human-written piece sample 1 Highly likely to be human unlikely AI-generated Human-generated content
Human-written piece sample 2 Highly likely to be human very unlikely AI-generated Human-generated content
Human-written piece sample 3 Highly likely to be human very unlikely AI-generated Human-generated content
AI-generated piece sample 1 Likely both human and AI unclear if it is AI-generated Human-generated content
AI-generated piece sample 2 Unclear if it’s AI Likely AI-generated Human-generated content
AI-generated piece sample 3 Highly likely to be human unclear if it is AI-generated Human-generated content

As you can see, those AI detection tools work well when checking the human-written texts, and all of them could identify the contents are not AI generated.

However, the reason why we try to use the AI detectors is to spot AI-Generated text, rather than the human-written contents. So detect the AI-created contents with high accuracy is the key.

The’ s AI Content Detector give a 100% wrong result when detecting the 3 AI-generated samples. And the Content at Scale AI Detector labels my AI-generated piece sample to be human-written content. So I don’t think these two AI checkers are accurate enough to use.

For the AI Text Classifier, it’s able to detect the ChatGPT-generated content(AI-generated piece sample 2) with satisfactory result. Though it considers the AI-generated piece sample 1 and AI-generated piece sample 3 to be “unclear if it is AI-generated”, that’s acceptable as the two samples are created by both AI and human.

After the comparison, I think the OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier performs well and is the best AI content detection tool with highest accuracy. When it labels your content to be “unclear if it is AI-generated”, you should also pay attention to it and maybe regard it as the AI-generated item. This AI tool is totally free to use. So don’t miss out!