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10 Must-Try eCommerce Marketing Tips For Mother’s Day

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best eCommerce Marketing Tips for mother's day

Mother’s Day is a crucial period for any company selling brands targeting women. Countless consumers are looking for the perfect gift, whether that means flowers, jewelry, bath products, or anything else you might sell. It is a competitive market where only the best Mother’s Day marketing strategy will do.

There is a lot to consider when creating top marketing ideas for Mothers Day. You must take advantage of all available channels, from email and social media to influencers and brand collaborations. You should also rethink your website with better landing pages, optimization, ads, customer service, and blogs. A few well-timed coupons can’t hurt either.

Now we sort out some helpful marketing tips for Mother’s day and let’s check them out below.

The 10 Best Mother’s day Marketing Ideas 2023

1) Create A Personalized Landing Page

Anyone searching for the best Mother’s Day gifts online wants easy access to product choices and comparisons. A dedicated landing page is perfect as it shows dedication and professionalism. Here you can talk about why your brand is perfect for the holiday, highlight specific products or gift bundles, and talk about relevant promotions. You can then use the link in any social media or email Mother’s Day marketing strategy.

Mother's day Landing Page

2) Make The Most Of Social Media

Social media is one of the most accessible tools for reaching customers with Mother’s Day promotions. The impressions from a single tweet or Instagram post can broaden your reach and could lead to increased traffic and sales. Take some time to determine which platform to use to reach your target market. From there, you can work on slogans and stories to draw people in with the best Mothers Day marketing campaigns

3) Create A Gift Guide Blog

A well-written blog section can help you stay ahead of the competition. However, you need that content to be of high quality with regular updates that provide real value. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, it helps to offer inspiration to those looking for the perfect present. Don’t just talk about product features. Go deeper into the benefits and user experience to make the items irresistible.

Mother's day Gift Guide Blog

4) Use Email Marketing

Email Mother’s Day marketing campaigns can take various forms. Promotional emails with new product lines are great. You might also consider a simple reminder with some subtle images relating to products. Let loyal customers know it is just a month away, and they don’t want to leave it too late to buy the perfect gift.

Another important feature of email marketing is the option to offer personalized discounts. This may sound common during this busy period, but it will work in your favor. Customers that struggle with this time of year will see you as somebody who cares and will consider coming back to your store.

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5) Offer Discounts And Promotions

Email marketing is also a great way to offer promotions and discounts for the holiday. Inform people about special deals on products running until Mother’s Day. Give loyal customers a coupon to help them find the ideal gift. Alternatively, you could go after the mothers themselves and give them a coupon so they can spoil themselves. You can make this available on your new landing page and those social media posts too.

6) Optimize Your Website

Website optimization is crucial during any major holiday, not just for a Mothers Day marketing strategy. You want customers to be able to get the information they need and convert that into a sale with ease. This means attractive website pages with all the right links to related content and your e-commerce store. This also means making sure the content is optimized for mobile users and fast enough to meet their expectations.

website optimize loading speed

7) Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be highly advantageous when working on the best Mother’s Day marketing ideas. If viewers see influencers promote your Mother’s Day gifts, they may be more inclined to get the same. You need to find the right influencer though. Reach out to those with a strong public relationship with their mother on camera, or those that have already expressed an interest in your brand. Right now, there are lots of YouTubers promoting new Bath & Body Works products, so it might help to sponsor someone on there too.

Bath & Body Works marketing for mother's day

8) Collaborate With Other Brands

Some of the best Mother’s Day marketing ideas 2023 has to offer will come from brand collaborations. It is all about combining the strengths and appeal of two different USPs into one beneficial service. A great example from the UK in 2022 was Cath Kidson X Moonpig. Customers could choose from an interesting range of flowers to go with their Mother’s Day cards and still get the same great service. Work on finding a brand where you elevate each other with a cohesive message.

Cath Kidson X Moonpig mother's day gift

9) Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are a great tool that focuses on those that have purchased something before or considered it but never completed the purchase. A friendly Facebook/Google ad or pop-up here lets them know they have something in their cart, or offers an incentive for them to continue. Perhaps they clicked off to compare prices elsewhere, in which case a little 10% coupon for returning wouldn’t hurt.

10) Don’t Forget About Customer Service

Ads and targeted campaigns online will bring people in, but good customer service will bring them back. This means more than an optimized website with easy navigation. It should be easy to purchase the gifts, apply those coupons, and complete the transaction. An online live chat or contact form for queries never hurts. Another good idea is to offer free shipping for all orders in the weeks before Mother’s Day if it isn’t free already. This will help those struggling to budget for the perfect gift.

Bring It All Together For The Best Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas 2023

To summarize, you need to create a strong impression and unique message with your campaign and keep people happy. Work on how you reach people via email, social media, and influencers. Consider a bold collaboration with some money-saving perks. Once you’ve hooked buyers, you must get them to stay on-site. Give them an informative landing page, a persuasive gift guide, and easy navigation to the store. If you can keep them happy with customer service and finish the sale, they may come back for more.

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