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How To Find Fashion Influencers Fits Your Brand

find influencers for fashion brand

Collaborating with influencers can help get your fashion brand noticed and drive sales to your online store. But how can you find Instagram/Tiktok/Youtube influencers that suits your brand?

In this article, I don’t want to repeat the methods to find social media influencers that you already know. I think all of you have tried to do hashtag search or search Google To find Influencers. It takes lots of time to find and get in touch. However, you won’t even get the responds in most of the cases. That’s embarrassing and depressing.

Here I would like to recommend two proven tips to effectively find the right influencers on Instagram, TikTok or other social media platforms. Let’s check how to do now.

Set Up A Goal Before You Get Started

Before you start to find influencers to promote your fashion brand, you need to make a plan and set up a goal about the project. For instance, ask yourself:

“What’s the purpose of my influencer marketing? Need more sales? Or want to improve the fashion brand awareness?”

“How many influencers do I need to find to accomplish my goal? ”

“Which platforms should I invest most? Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook?”

“Which types of influencers do I need to find? Nano influencers with 1K–10K followers? Micro influencers with 10K–100K followers? Macro influencers with 100K–1M followers? Or the celebrity influencers with 1M+ followers?”

“What’s the budget? How much can I invest in the influencer marketing?”

After the serious consideration, you can now try to find the perfect influencers and begin your clothing brand marketing.

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2 Unique Ways To Find Influencers For Your Fashion Business

Method 1: Post Ads And Let The Influencers Finds You

Regularly, people post ads on Google or social media for their products. But why not the info about hiring Influencers? You know what? The influencers who view your ads will come to you. And you don’t need to find and send messages to ask if they would like to cooperate with you any more.

Find influencers with ads

If you want to run Google ads to find influencers, it’s a good idea to build a landing page in your website to tell the details and then promote it. In the landing page, you should list all of your requirements there, like how many followers the influencers should have, etc. Someone who doesn’t meet your requirements would not get in touch, which will perfectly reduce communication cost.

Besides, social media platforms are also a effective place to find influencers to promote your ecommerce business. Just write posts on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, reddit or any other social media to ask if anymore would like to promote your brand. Then boost them with ads. Now just wait for the influencers to come to you!

I think setting up ads to find social media Influencers is reasonable, as those types of ads is not competitive and the costs should be affordable and controllable.

But there is one more thing you need to consider, the advertising accounts will have a “learning period” if you never post these types of ads before. In the beginning, the ROI may be comparatively lower. Once the ads finish “learning” and it runs smoothly, the cost will go down.

Method 2: Use Influencer Search Tool

Choosing a good influencer search tool can help to save lots of time. Most of the influencers discovery platforms have their own database, allowing you to find thousands of influencers and creators with a quick search.

Now I am going to show you how to easily find the right influencers for your clothing brand with Collabstr, which is a popular influencer marketplace you should try.

Step 1. Head To Collabstr Platform

Click and go into the Collabstr website. Then you will see a search box from the top.

Influencers marketplace

Step 2. Search Through The Influencers Marketplace

This tool is very easy to use. There are two drop down filters: Platform and Category. You’re able to view tons of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers by selecting the option. And you can also find someone to generate user generated contents(UGC contents), including videos and images.

Find Fashion influencers easily

Then choose the category of your product. Here in this case, you should enter the keywords like “fashion”, “clothing”,”T-shirt” or any more specific items. Click the search button to get started.

What’s more, this tool allows you to narrow your search results by location, the price to work with, and the gender of the influencers in the marketplace.

find instagram influencers for clothing brand

For example, if you want to find someone from Germany with the budget of $150, you just set it up in the filter. Then click the “Save” button and you will find thousands of Fashion Germany Influencers in the page.

Collabstr filter price of influencer

Step 3. Choose The Right Influencers And Get Your Fashion Brand Noticed

Once the Collabstr sorts out all of the Influencers on your demand, you could then choose one and click to see the details.

In the influencer’s detail page, the creators would always have a brief introduction for themselves and list the offers to tell what they can do for you.

check influencer’s detail page in Collabstr

Please don’t forget to go to the influencer’s social media accounts like Instagram or Tiktok, which have been displayed in the Collabstr page. In this way, you can check their video styles, the views, the likes and the followers’s data in their accounts.

influencer’s social media accounts
influencer’s tiktok accounts

If the influencer fits your clothing brand, you can then consider to hire he/she. After you place the order, you should chat with the influencer and tell your requirements of the contents.

How Collabstr works

By the way, as the collaboration prices from every influencer has been well listed, it’s very convenient to compare deals by all means.

Above are the two ways that will help you find the right influencers effectively. Just give it a shot and I am sure that it will save you much efforts and time for influencer marketing.

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