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5 Apparel Brands on TikTok You Can Learn From

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apparel brands on tiktok 2022

TikTok has undoubtedly changed the way young people buy fashion. Small clothing brands on TikTok have surpassed the traditional big players with catchy, sexy video clips with trendy music and an upbeat sassy attitude.

To discover how some apparel brands have won over the hearts and minds of the young and trendy around the world, using TikTok marketing, I took a look at some of the most viewed fashion videos on TikTok in 2022. Let’s check them out below and see what you can learning from their experience.

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5 of the Best TikTok Apparel Brands

Gone are the days when a single iconic billboard can make a brand successful. Today, you need a barrage of appealing social media campaigns that appeal to a young and diverse audience. According to the recent report, there are about 49% of U.S. fashion websites’ visitors are under the age of 30. This stat indicates that TikTok is definitely one of the top platforms for the new generation of fashion shoppers.

By observing and analyzing the best clothing brands on TikTok, you can gain some insight into what works if you want to influence the exciting world of fashion trends.

Alo Yoga

While Alto Yoga may not be number 1 on TikTok in terms of views and likes, it has enjoyed enormous success for a niche brand. With around 290K followers, it is able to compete with many of the top brands on TikTok that cater to a much broader market. A true success story for a relatively small brand.

Alto Yoga was founded in Los Angeles in 2007. The brand is entirely focused on yoga and the influence it has on our well-being. Alo Yoga clothing is designed as comfortable garments that inspire the freedom and grace of movement that is quintessential to the art of yoga.

Apart from designing garments for the ultimate yoga experience, the Alto Yoga designers have also brought elements of streetwear into their lineup. This means that it is delightfully comfortable fashion that can be worn anywhere, any time.

Alo Yoga on tiktok


Since its inception in 2012, the Shein brand has taken the world by storm with an enormous variety of fashion apparel available in 150 countries.

As a thoroughly modern brand, Shein has embraced digital marketing to make shopping easier for the young and trendy. The idea is to make the shopping experience hassle-free and enjoyable, with an extensive range of fashionable clothing that is as diverse as the people that wear them.

With this modern outlook, it’s little wonder that Shein is one of the best brands on TikTok.

shein on tiktok

American Eagle

American Eagle has a winning recipe for TikTok followers. Although nowhere near the top of the list (with close to 380K followers), the brand has enjoyed a great deal of success in reaching its target market, modern young people.

With prices that are extremely attractive and designs that hit the mark with younger fashion buyers, American Eagle has become a worldwide sensation, creating affordable and desirable fashion for a new generation.

American Eagle on tiktok


With over 730K followers and almost 4M likes, Cider can definitely be ranked as one of the very best apparel brands on TikTok. Like so many of the most successful fashion brands in 2022, Cider has captured the imagination and desires of modern 21st-century youngsters.

With an active involvement on social media, the brand has managed to communicate directly with the people they design clothing for. By using sophisticated on-demand manufacturing techniques, wastage is reduced, keeping prices down.

Its modern image for a technical age has taken Cider to the top of the online fashion industry. Few can compete with the popularity of this enigmatic, vibrant apparel brand.

cider on tiktok


Arguably the no1 fashion brand on TikTok, Zara is truly inspirational in its ability to appeal to people of all ages with a range of men’s, women’s, and kid’s fashion. The numbers speak for themselves: 3.5M followers and over 14M likes have the competition wondering how they do it.

With an extensive presence on all social media networks and an enormous variety of products, Zara has established an international footprint like few fashion brands have achieved. The Zara website is one of the best, with enticing graphics and superb images that encourage the visitor to continue exploring what the brand has to offer.

There can be no telling which is actually the best fashion brand on TikTok, but Zara has definitely found the magic dust that attracts people to the brand.

zara on tiktok

Example of The Best Fashion Brand On TikTok

If likes, followers, and views are the measure by which we’re going to judge the best clothing brands on TikTok, then Shein and Zara has to be the tops brands mentioned above.

Taking a look at their truly exciting clips, this ZARA man outfit video (with almost 19M views) epitomizes what makes any brand a winner on TikTok. Looking at the video, it encompasses all the techniques and attributes that make a TikTok campaign truly successful. These are:

  • Sexy Sells: Most of the trending TikTok fashion videos feature young, attractive models. Generally, the models are young, female, and attractive. However, the top-rated TikTok clip in the link features an African American male model. Proving that there can be no stereotype. If the model is young, good-looking, and trendy, people will view, like, and follow.
  • Energy: The video is fast-paced and energetic. Models in the best TikTok videos move fast but elegantly, emphasizing a youthful vibrance that is essential to modern video marketing techniques.
  • It’s all About the Fashion: In the end, the primary objective for any fashion brand on TikTok is to introduce the audience to the brand’s clothing. In the winning video, a great selection of fashion apparel is displayed in quick succession using simple but effective video editing. This has maximum impact and shows the viewer a great diversity of fashion without taking up much of their time.
  • Music Captivates the Audience: There is nothing like pumping, energetic music to engage young viewers. The majority of successful fashion videos on TikTok feature upbeat music that makes you want to get up and dance.


In general, the best brands on TikTok appeal to young people. To this end, the videos are aimed at generating enthusiasm and excitement by showing fashion and interesting topics about modern life to the younger generation.

To achieve this, TikTok fashion videos portray (mostly) young, sexy, and energetic models who epitomize the aspirations and views of the new, tech-savvy generation. The use of exciting video techniques and trendy up-tempo music is used extensively in the most liked and viewed TikTok clips.

Young fashion buyers are looking for good prices and brands that emanate exuberance and excitement. Anything that helps capture these elements is bound to be successful on a youth-oriented platform like TikTok.

Keep it sexy, energetic, and exciting, and you’re bound to get the likes and views that you’re looking for on TikTok.