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11 Free Social Media Marketing Templates To Boost Your Brand

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Social media marketing is important and necessary for brand promotion. Every single day, millions of people in the world log into the social media platforms, including but not limited to Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, etc.  So how can you ignore such a great opportunity to reach your audiences?

However, building a successful social media marketing strategy and getting it implemented can be difficult. How to make a effective social media marketing plan? What’s the best way to report your social media marketing result? Using proven and tested social media templates will help you to avoid mistakes and save lots of time when marketing your brand.

Now, we look at the 11 best social media marketing template that are free to download.

1. Social Media Marketing Strategy Template

Defining your strategy is highly important, but it isn’t only about getting people to follow and like your content, it needs to produce results. Content needs to be suitable for each social media network to make the most of the time and money your organization spends on it. But for most of us, it’s not easy to know where to focus the most and how to produce the best results.

So that you know where to start, this strategy template lets you cut corners and get on with the job of engaging social media users. It offers a step-by-step outline available as a PDF and in Word and Google Docs. The social media marketing plan template makes it easy to pick the platforms to focus on, set up accounts, and implement your strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Template

2. Social Media Audit Template

Auditing your social media activity can give you a fresh look at how to improve. You might find a better way of engaging your audience that will improve your return on investment that you hadn’t considered.

The social media audit template from Sproutsocial allows you to enter data to highlight ways you might improve your plan. It will provide actionable strategies to create new campaigns and content. Show you things that are not producing the results they might once have been, and more, to grow your audience.

Social Media Audit Template

3. Social Media Image Template

The appearances of your social media profiles would affect customers’ impression of the brand. Here you are recommended to try the social media image templates created by Sproutsocial, which can be used to optimize your social media profiles and share together with your posts.

It includes tons of free Facebook Cover photos, Facebook post templates, Instagram post templates, Instagram Reel templates, LinkedIn banner templates, TikTok Story templates and the Youtube banner templates.

You can now choose an social media image template that perfectly fits your brand. Don’t forget to customize it according to your own needs. I am sure this will help to get your brand noticed on social media.

Social Media Image Template

4. Social Media Content Calendar

Coordinating campaigns and managing the content you want to share across different social media platforms can become intricate. This template helps you organize your posts ahead of time, making your message more effective and manageable.

This free Excel social media content calendar lets you set out your updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can reduce your workload and benefit from tips and tricks as well.

Social Media Content Calendar

5. Social Media Report Template

Is your social media marketing engaging and growing your audience? This template reports your key social media metrics, helping you analyze and make decisions to grow your influence.

The report template tracks the most important factors that reveal if your efforts are pushing your marketing in the right direction or if you need to make a change. It shows your reach and changes over time. Clicks, mentions, and engagement are just some of the metrics tracked in this template. This can be used to make changes in your social media plan template, to produce long-term growth for your business.

Social Media Report Template

6. Social Media Marketing Budget Template

Is your investment in social media marketing providing the return it should have? What’s your ROI with your social media marketing? You should always know where you spend your money on, and the budget for each marketing campaign.

This marketing budget template from Sproutsocial allows you properly monitor your social media spend. It tracks all your expenses replated to content creation and production, paid advertising, team development and so on. In this way, you can more easily see what provides more cost-effective results.

Social Media Marketing Budget Template

7. YouTube Description Templates

YouTube has massive potential to reach customers, but your content can get lost among the more than 800 million videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine, so the description is very important.

This YouTube template from Backlinko makes it easier to write descriptions that put your videos in front of the people you are trying to reach. It helps you with the description length, shows you what you need to do to ensure the algorithm picks up your content, and optimizes click-through rates.

YouTube Description Templates

8. Video Script Template

You should be striving to produce video content that grabs and holds the attention of viewers. With so many videos out there in the Internet, that’s very difficult to retain audiences. This script template helps you hook your viewer and improve engagement.

You will be shown how to structure your videos to avoid your viewers hitting the back button as quickly. The script template takes you through the step-by-step approach to creating your script and gives you proven examples.

Video Script Template

9. Professional Bio Templates

Writing a bio can be difficult, and you want it to be professional for your personal branding. This can enhance your reputation, but writing about yourself can be tricky, and it is difficult to set the right tone. Are you overplaying your accomplishments or selling yourself short?

These professional bio templates make it easy to define your brand, with more than 50 templates you can use to build your bio. Detail your skills and the things you have accomplished, and add them to a template to produce your professional bio.

Professional Bio Templates

10. Facebook Page Template

If you want to propel your Facebook marketing, your Page needs to appear in the public and get more followers. This Facebook template  improves the impression your Page gives customers, increases interactions, and makes calls to action more effective.

It provides all of the information to make your business look more professional. For example, it suggests what images you should use on your Facebook profile and how to get them. Those templates also let you know what details you should include in the page. You can even find many tips and tricks to enhance “Facebook SEO” and then drive more traffic to your Facebook Page. So don’t miss out!

Facebook Page Template

11. Facebook Ad Template

To improve your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger marketing, this free ad template will boost the value created by your advertising budget.

It can be easy to make mistakes and waste time creating ads that don’t perform, but this ad template walks you through the process. It ensures that you include the 5 main things that produce results, and shows you an ad type you really need to be using.

Facebook Ad Template


Social media templates are a great way to produce better results for your online store. With these free templates, you can use proven methods that work.

If you want to save time, be more effective, and keep pace with changes in social media, you should take these templates.