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TikTok Creator Marketplace: What Is It and How Does It Work for Brands?

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what's TikTok Creator Marketplace

Are you looking for ways to find TikTok influencers to promote your brand or services? TikTok itself provides a platform, the TikTok Creator Marketplace, to make it notable for the influencers and brand collaborations. This guide will tell all you should know about the TikTok Creator Marketplace, including what is it, why you should try it and the tips for finding the right TikTok influencers from the platform.

Important TikTok Statistics & Facts Marketers Should Know

New research suggests that the average working-age internet users spend at least 2.5 hours on social media daily, and research suggests that TikTok enjoys the highest daily social media use average online. TikTok is, therefore, the most popular social media platform currently.

The platform had over 1.6 billion users (as of April 2023 statistics) compared to just 271 million back in 2018. 2022 statistics suggest that all TikTok users spend approximately 23.3 hours monthly on TikTok.

 TikTok Monthly Active Users

Considering the platform is expected to have 2.25 billion + users in 2027, it is undoubtedly one to watch for marketers and brands keen on social media advertising. Actaully there are 45% of the marketers in USA use TikTok to promote brands. Now, one notable way of getting ahead in TikTok influencer marketing is through TikTok Creator Marketplace.

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace?

TikTok Creator Marketplace, or TTCM is TikTok’s official platform for creator and brand collaborations. TTCM allows 800,000+ qualified creators globally to connect with brands and marketing agencies. In simple terms, TTCM offers better access (instant and easy access) to a variety of TikTok creators with the aim of offering high-performing campaigns.

Joining TikTok Creator Marketplace is as easy as logging into the platform. Brands that have an existing TikTok Ads Manage A/C can use it to access TTCM. Once you have an account, provide the required information, and verify, you can customize your brand profile and begin searching for creators.

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok creators keen on joining the Creator Marketplace must meet certain eligibility requirements based on no. of followers, age, content, and engagement. They also need to reside in the countries where TTCM is available.

the countries where TTCM is available

Thereafter, creators are supposed to apply and wait for their applications to be reviewed. Reapplications are allowed after 30 days if the initial application review is declined. Creators can apply by visiting settings and selecting TikTok Creator Marketplace after selecting Creator Account. Creators can also get invited to apply/join.

The Benefits of Using the TikTok Creator Marketplace for Brands

TikTok Creator Marketplace comes with many benefits. The main ones include;

1. Offering Authentic Gain Insights

Before TTCM there was no accurate way of making data-driven marketing analysis and decisions. TTCM offers credible data that is offered and maintained by TikTok, unlocking useful gain insights like the historical performance of creator videos, their audiences alongside comprehensive metric analysis. Both brands and creators get access to average views, engagement rate, followers’ growth rate, competition rate, average share, likes and comments, etc., centrally in one place, making it possible to match performance and make informed decisions.

tiktok marketplace audiences demographics metric analysis

2. Sourcing the Perfect Content Creators

Advanced TikTok Creator Marketplace search functions allow brands and agencies to find the best creators for their campaigns with ease. Creators can be sourced based on their audience demographics, performance metrics, video topics, and more.

TTCM has search capabilities that improve keyword research and integration with other resources, such as TikTok Ads Manager data (with audience insights and campaign performance data), to offer better creator and brand-matching results.

3. Direct Collaborations Powered by Invite Links

TTCM also gives brands and agencies the power to invite creators directly to their campaigns through Invite Links, which makes multiple collaborations easy. Advertisers can collaborate with over 18 creators simultaneously, from the creator discovery face to content creation and payments. Most importantly, advertisers have access to the most valuable TTCM features.

4. Measuring and Optimizing TikTok Marketing Campaigns

TikTok Creator Marketplace also offers detailed campaign performance reports, which allow marketors to measure and optimize campaigns more effectively. By tracking and analyzing results constantly in one place with valuable metrics like views, reach video completion rate, engagement rate, and other metrics updated daily, TTCM makes TikTok advertising more efficient.

TikTok Marketing Campaigns management

5. Social Media Platform Rivalling Facebook and Instagram

TikTok Creator Marketplace moves TikTok closer to being one of the most superior (if not the most superior) social media advertising platforms for global influencers. The platform is approaching 2 billion active users, making it only second to Facebook. TTCM offers efficient access to global creators and marketing resources for using their influence to reach a global audience that spends over an hour daily watching videos on the platform.

Tips for Brands on How to Find the Right Influencers on the TikTok Creator Marketplace

Using TTCM won’t guarantee results if you don’t follow some tips. Here’s what successful brands on TikTok are doing to get the right influencers;

Tip 1: Set Clear Goals

First and foremost, it helps to understand what you want to achieve while advertising with creators on TikTok. The reasons can range from increasing brand awareness to driving website traffic and boosting sales. These reasons should be clear from the start, as they have a role in identifying influencers that align with your brand.

Tip 2: Use Creator and Audience Filters Accordingly

To get the best out of TTCM, you must utilize the platform’s filters that help you select the best creators and audiences. When using the creator filter, select your target country and region. Remember to make other selections like the topic you want, the extent of reach (number of TikTok users you want to reach), number of preferred views, and eCommerce options like linking to shops and tagging products.

Besides specifying country and region, the audience filter should specify the gender, age, and device of your preferred audience (i.e., desktop or mobile).

 platform's filters to find influencers in tiktok marketplace

Tip 3: Utilize Metrics and Content Samples

Advertisers are also encouraged to utilize quantifiable data available on the platform. For instance, use the TTCM API to see the cost of influencer partnerships and quantifiable data like performance trends, likes, comments, and shares.

tiktok influencer's metrics

The API also helps when sampling content. Sample content that performs well will offer guidance on the content you should be preparing otherwise, new content ideas can be crafted and tested.

Tip 4: Have Clear Instructions

For TikTok creators to deliver exactly what you are looking for, they must have clear guidelines on your expectations. It’s advisable for advertisers to have content guideline briefs that creators can agree to and follow to safeguards the brand and ensure the content produced can achieve set goals.

Tip 5: Give Honest Feedback.

Sometimes all it takes is honest feedback to turn an average influencer into the right influencer for a brand. As an advertiser, you must purpose to offer honest, constructive feedback to creators throughout the collaboration, as this helps creators improve and align their content with your campaign goals. Most importantly, you should watch TikTok content guidelines and offer feedback constantly.

Tip 6: Invest

It takes resources to find the best talent. Like every other industry, the best creators are expensive. This is especially true when you have a large target audience. However, the investment is usually worth it if you implement the tips discussed here.

Tip 7: Establish Authentic Relationships with Your TikTok Influencers

It also helps to make a genuine effort to bond with your creators as opposed to making it purely business. Since TikTok is a creative platform, conventional business approaches may not result in the most relatable content. Your creators need to “like you & your brand genuinely” to be empowered to create great video content over the long term.


TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great platform for advertisers and creators. The platform makes collaboration easier. However, it helps to understand what the platform is, especially from an advertiser’s perspective, to get the best value for money from the TikTok marketplace. Luckily, we’ve covered the most important information to consider for those advertisers that want to reap the benefits of the most popular social media platform currently.

FAQ About TikTok Marketplace

1. Is TikTok Creator Marketplace Free?

Yes! Signing up on the platform is FREE. However, once you start collaborating with creators, you’ll need to pay them.

2. How Many Creators are on TikTok Creator Marketplace?

As of Jan 2023 statistics, there are 8 million + active TikTok creators on TTCM.

3. What Kind of Content Can Brands Create with Creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace?

Brands can create any type of content they wish on TTCM provided it complies with TikTok creator marketplace requirements or guidelines at that moment.

4. TikTok Creator Marketplace vs Creator Fund

TikTok Creator Fund can be described as a special fund that helps TikTok creators earn a livelihood while creating content. The fund is meant to encourage content creators. TikTok Creator Marketplace is a platform that powers collaboration between TikTok influencers and advertisers.

5. What Kind of Metrics and Analytics are Available for Brand Campaigns on TikTok Creator Marketplace?

Brand campaigns on TTCM come with metrics and analytics like average views, engagement rate, followers’ growth rate, competition rate, average share, likes, and comments, etc.