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Most Effective Way To Find Italian Influencers

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Find italian influencers fit your brand

Want to find the right Italian influencers fit for your brand? Influencer marketing is a crucial part of today’s business and also an effective tool for customer acquisition. Now in this article, we share an unique way to discover social media influencers in Italy to drive conversion for your e-commerce store.

How To Find The Right Italian Influencers Quickly?

Collabstr is an influencer marketplace that allows you to find the right influencers for your brand. And you don’t need to pay a dime for searching influencers in the platform, unless you finally decide to hire someone to promote your brand or products.

Collabstr influencer marketplace

This tool features amazing platform filters to help you narrow down your search and find the best match for your promotion. For example, you can enter the keywords such as “fashion” “fitness” in the Category search bar to get tons of top most-followed influencers . If you want to find more niche influencers who align with your target audience, you can filter deeper based on their gender, location, price and so on.

Continue to read and learn how to use this best platform to connect your brand with Italian social media influencers.

1.Find Italian Influencers From Instagram, TikTok Or Youtube

Everyone who want to build brand awareness should take the best of social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube. There is no doubt that social media influencers can effectively help drive conversions for your bussiness.

If you are trying to find Italian Instagram influencers, you can use Collabstr and select “Instagram” from the Platform filter box. Click the search button and you will see many popular Instagram Influencers. Similarly, you may select “TikTok” or “Youtube” if you want to find influencers on other social media platforms besides Instagram.

find social media influencers

From here in the result page, you’re able to filter further by location to narrow down your search. All you need to do is click the pull-down menu of Location and select “Italy”. And you can make it even more precise by entering the specific City Name. Then you will find list of Italian Instagram Influencers for brand promotion.

filter influencers from the marketplace
find influencers in Italy

2.Find Italian Influencers By Category

Collabstr gather and collect influencers who specialize in creating contents related to fashion, lifestyle, Automotive, pets, fitness&health, etc.

For example, if you’re looking for the Italian fashion influencers to promote your clothing, just enter keywords or niches like “t-shirt”, “fashion” or something like that. You can easily filter the correct influencers who share the same target audience with your products or brand.

Find Italian Influencers By Category

3. Discover Italian Influencers By Gender

Sometimes you may have specific requirements for influencers’ gender. It makes sense to seek out female Italian Influencers to promote the Feminine hygiene products and get your brand noticed in Italy. On Collabstr, you can filter your search to find Italian female or male Influencers by selecting “Female” or “Male” option from the Gender drop-down menu.

find male or female Italian Influencers

Top Influencers In Italy For Your Brand To Work With

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is one of the most popular Italian fashion bloggers and social media influencer, who has about 30M followers on Instagram. If you are the fashion and beauty brands who have enough budget for the marketing campaigns, you can try to contact Chiara and ask if she would like to collaborate.

Top Influencers In Italy

Leonardo Grati

Leonardo is an Italian lifestyle and tech influencer whose followers are mostly from Italy, America and Brazil. He spend most of the time on his TikTok and Youtube channels. Over time, this Italian guy has built a quite strong community of about 6M TikTok followers and 900K Youtube subscribers .

top tiktok Influencers In Italy


With over 20M subscribers, Panda Boi is one of the best-known Youtuber in Italy. On his channel, he post short videos about food, popular culture, lifestyle and something interesting. He is also a very active Tiktok creator with over 12M followers. It’s a good idea to ask PANDA BOI for collaboration on Youtube or Tiktok sponsor videos to promote your brand.

Best italian youtuber

Alberto Di Bartolomeo

Alberto likes to post photos and videos of fashion, fitness and lifestyle on his Instagram account. With 138K followers who are mostly from Europe and USA, he is one of the most popular male Italian fitness influencers. So if you’d like to create UGC contents and promote your fashion brand,  Alberto Di Bartolomeo would be a nice option.

best male Italian fitness influencer


According to the report, there are approximately 17.15 million TikTok users in Italy. Catalina is Italian female influencer who has 3M followers on TikTok. She share short-videos including beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics.

top italian fashion influencer

Final Thoughts

Though some of the top Italian influencers like Chiara Ferragni are well-known and have millions of followers on Instagram, Tiktoks or any other social media accounts, it’s not easy to get connected and work with them successfully. The number of applicants rejected by the top influencers can be really high, as they have countless cooperation proposals in their mail boxes sent by different brands.

So you should never ignore the micro-influencers (10K–50K followers) and the nano-influencers (1K – 10K followers)  or even the ones with less than 1K followers. You can always have a good rate of return for your business.

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