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7 Best ClickFunnels Templates and How to Choose the Right One

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We can agree that ClickFunnels is one of the best (if not the best) sales funnels platforms out there in the market today for sales journeys guaranteed to convert. For intricate reasons, check out this detailed ClickFunnels Review. So, once you’ve made up your mind about ClickFunnels, it’s time to get right into it. You’ll need funnels to get it right. How do you proceed? Let’s begin with the basics.

What are ClickFunnels Templates?

ClickFunnels templates are simply pre-made templates that make it simple to take specific customer journeys. They contain stages/steps of a sales process for specific niches or sales intentions. Let’s list some types for you to understand precisely what we mean;

Main Type of Templates on ClickFunnels

Landing Pages: ClickFunnels has landing page builder templates that let you make landing pages that convert fast and easy. The landing page builder templates are tested and proven to be high-converting and professional.

Sales Funnels: These are special templates aimed at converting site visitors into actual paying customers. As the name suggests, they are designed to boost sales. ClickFunnels’ sales funnels attract your dream clients, guide them through the buyer’s journey, and convert them fast and quick.

Membership Sites: If you wish to create a membership site in whatever niche, ClickFunnels has special templates to help you do just that. You can launch a membership site fast and easy and create recurring revenue.

ClickFunnels has many other types of templates, like website templates that let you create beautiful sites and workflow templates that help you automate marketing using custom workflows for following up leads.

Benefits of Using Pre-made Templates 

The main benefit of using pre-made templates is to save resources and get results from proven systems.

I. Time and Cost Savings

Instead of hiring expensive website designers and other professionals to create websites, or market your site from scratch, you can just use ClickFunnels at a fraction of the cost and time.

II. Tested and Proven Approach

Provided you are using pre-made templates from a reputable platform like ClickFunnels, you are guaranteed results. ClickFunnels has been offering pre-made templates since 2014. The platform is highly rated, meaning their pre-made templates work (drive sales).

clickfunnels rating

Choosing the Right ClickFunnels Template 

1. Identifying Your Marketing Goals 

Before you select any ClickFunnels template, make sure you have a specific marketing goal in mind. For instance, do you want your website visitors to submit their email address, visit your socials, or watch a case study? 

Remember, sales funnels are supposed to take a customer through the buying journey with the intention of building trust and not directly offering something for sale.

2. Matching Templates to Your Target Audience 

Assuming you have a marketing goal in mind, don’t be too quick to select a template. Think of your ideal target audience and the template that matches them perfectly. For instance, the demographics of your ideal audience (i.e., their age, gender, interests, etc.) should guide you when choosing the ideal colour/theme of your landing page.

3. Ensuring Mobile Responsiveness 

You should also consider mobile responsiveness since most people today are likely to visit your site using mobile devices. The template you select should look great regardless of the type of mobile device your site visitors are using.

4. Customization Options and Flexibility 

Lastly, consider templates that come with unmatched flexibility. You should be able to personalize just about any element of the template you like.

7 Best ClickFunnels Templates

ClickFunnels has a platform (ClickFunnels template marketplace) that features many marketing funnel templates and services specifically made for various online businesses. Here are our top 7 best ClickFunnel templates to consider from Clickfunnels marketplace. We have both paid and free clickfunnel templates listed below;

a. Jason – Storefront Funnel

best clickfunnel templates

Looking to build a store front? Look no further. Jason is a storefront funnel that offers everything you need to set up a storefront online. The template has a store front page perfect for launching your digital product, from eBooks to courses. 

The template also has a subscriber feature, a video sales letter page, and order form with payments processed securely via Stripe with options of other secure payment gateways. There’s also an offer wall page where you can upsell other products. Professional storefront clickfunnel templates don’t get better than this.

b. Business Consultant 

ClickFunnels 2.0 templates

Assuming you want to run a successful online business as a consultant, this funnel comes highly recommended. Although it isn’t free (costs $147), you get many bonuses, including a proven email list sequence. 

Business Consultant (by ClickFunnel guru Blake Nubar) is the perfect application funnel for launching a successful consultancy business. The template is ambitiously designed and tested to deliver new sales and grow your consultancy. 

You get a reverse squeeze page, an email address opt-in, an application page, and a thank you page that place you as an industry leader in your field and build the trust required to convert site visitors. As mentioned, you get 5 conversion-boosting email sequences as a bonus.

c. High Ticket Program Funnel

best clickfunnel templates

Assuming you want to create an expensive program, you need an application funnel that fits the bill. This one (also by Blake Nubar) does just that for $297. Place yourself as a high achiever, targeting those with similar interests. 

You just need 10-15 minutes and zero design skills to set up this funnel and start generating high-ticket leads. The funnel comes with a reverse squeeze page, email list opt-in, an application page, and a thank you page. You also get 5 conversion-boosting emails. This template has an unmistakable premium design for attracting high achievers.

d. Conquer – Launch Funnel 

free clickfunnel templates

Looking to launch a product, consider Conquer, a free ClickFunnels product launch funnel with a sales page, product launch page, and order form. This funnel makes it exceedingly easy and cheap to launch a product today. Just act and successfully launch your product.

e. Mobile App Live – App Live Demo Funnel

ClickFunnels template for demonstrating mobile app

At $147, we have yet another funnel by Black Nubar. This one is perfect for those interested in successfully launching mobile applications. This demo funnel lets you show your potential app users how your app works, creating trust and prompting them to download and use the app. 

Like all other Blake Nubar ClickFunnel templates, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to launch Mobile App Live. There’s no better ClickFunnels template for demonstrating the design, usability, and features of mobile apps.

f. Blog Authority – Sales and Membership Funnel

Sales and Membership Funnel

Looking to launch a successful blog? Consider Blog Authority by Sean Olson. This funnel costs $297 but makes creating a successful blog fast and easy. You couldn’t possibly fail at launching a successful blog with this funnel, considering it offers everything needed to establish a raving community of loyal subscribers. 

The template has notable features like an opt-in page, a long-form sales letter page, one-click upsell page, order confirmation page, training, and more.

g. Breeze – Auto Webinar Funnel

ClickFunnels 2.0 templates for webinar

Keen on creating a webinar? Breeze helps you do just that for free. The funnel comes with a webinar registration page, confirmation page, broadcast page, a reply room, and indoctrination page. Generate leads for your webinar fast and easy with Breeze.


ClickFunnels is the leading sales funnel builder platform currently. As an online business owner looking to boost conversions, you need to consider ClickFunnels. However, there are countless templates available. Which one do you select? We’ve picked the top 7 clickfunnels templates to consider and offered other important information, such as what to look out for when choosing templates. You can explore more funnels at ClickFunnels 2.0 templates.

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