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Candy Rack Review: Is It a Good Upsell App for Shopify?

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Candy Rack Upsell App for Shopify

If you have a Shopify store, you should be constantly thinking of how to boost sales. Having a personalized product recommendation app installed in your online store is one of those ways. Such apps suggest products, collect feedback and perform many other tasks that boost sales directly and indirectly. 

A personalized product recommendation app collects priceless information on the interests of current and potential customers, their demographics, etc. It also uses powerful technology to find products that a customer is highly likely to consider buying over and above what they have bought.

However, there are many such apps today, how do you find the best from the rest? Candy Rack is one of those apps, and below you’ll discover why. Here’s why Candy Rack is the best upsell app for Shopify but let’s first define the app.

What is Candy Rack? 

Candy Rack is described as the ultimate up-selling and cross-selling app for any Shopify store owner wishing for a way to sell more to new and existing customers. The app combines pre-purchase, in-cart upselling, and post-purchasing checkout upsells to create the ultimate sales funnel. 

The app uses Artificial Intelligence to pick products and seamlessly optimizes them for a mobile experience. Past results suggest that Candy Rack can boost turnover by up to 30 percent. The app has 38,000+ installations that have generated over $120 million in incremental sales.

Candy Rack Pricing

Candy Rack has four main plans:

I. Free plan: Costs $0 and offers all features for development and trial stores.

II. Basic plan: Costs $29.99 per month and is suited for the Shopify Basic plan.

III. Standard plan: Costs $49.99 per month and is suited for the Shopify Standard plan.

IV. Advanced plan: Costs $99.99 per month and is suited for the Shopify Advanced plan.

Pros and Cons of Candy Rack

There are many reasons for considering Candy Rack. The main ones include;

Main Candy Rack Pros

1. Stellar reviews: Candy Rack is loved by everyone who has installed and used the app. Stellar reviews are a testament for great apps. 

2. Guaranteed sales boost: Those who use Candy Rack in their Shopify stores can expect up to 30% or more in increased sales revenue. The app has incremental sales surpassing $120 million. 

3. Free plan: Shopify store owners can try out Candy Rack for free before committing to any paid plan.

4. AI-powered: It’s also great that the app is AI-powered, meaning it’s able to learn and get better at offering product recommendations.

5. Great customer support: Candy Rack support is available 24/7 via in-app chat.

Main Cons about Candy Rack

There are hardly any negative Candy Rack reviews apart from the fact that some customers wish they would get more features to test out with the free plan. 

Candy Rack Reviews and Ratings

To understand what any product or service is like firsthand, you must consider the reviews. The app has stellar reviews on Shopify’s app store. It boasts a 5/5-star rating after 213+ reviews. This is despite the app being around since October 2018.

How to Create Upsells on Shopify

You can create upsells on Shopify using Candy Rack fast with ease using the steps below;

Step 1: Add Candy Rack to Shopify Store

Click add Candy Rack app and select your Shopify store as shown below; 

Add Candy Rack to Shopify Store

Step 2: Grant Necessary Permission

The app will need some permissions to work properly i.e., access to customer/store information. Grant such permissions to proceed.

candy rack shopify upsell app

Step 3: Start Creating Upsell

Proceed and begin creating upsell offers from existing products in your store. You’ll be able to fine-tune a pop-up design and other features as well as check upsell in action. Alternatively, you can use the Smart Auto-upsell feature that automatically chooses products to upsell using AI. Other offer features can be explored by scrolling below.

Creating Upsell on shopify

With Candy Rack, you can build Pre-purchase, in-cart, and post-purchase checkout upsells easily on your Shopify Store.

in-cart upsell offer on shopify store

3 Best Use Candy Rack Alternatives

Assuming you want Candy Rack alternatives, what are the options?

a. ReConvert 

best upsell app for shopify

This is a great upsell and cross sell alternative to consider. ReConvert has a 7-day free plan, after which charges may apply. Like Candy Rank, the app is also highly rated at 4.9/5 rating after 3,900+ reviews. The app is currently in use in over 35,000 active stores and has 24/7 support. 

ReConvert has many other pros. For instance, the app has frictionless one-click upsell offers, ability to upgrade the thank you page and collect birthdays, run surveys, product upsell, etc. ReConvert is also easy to use and has some great plans, including a free one.

b. Avada

Candy Rack best Alternative

This is another great app to consider. Avada Upsell and Cross Sell also stand out for being highly rated (4.9/5 after 360 reviews). The app is also believed to boost revenue by up to 30 percent. The app has many powerful features, including a customizable feature for creating unlimited campaigns with multiple discount types. Avada is highly responsive on all devices and comes in seven different languages. If you are searching for a FREE Shopify upsell app, consider Avada first.

c. AI Upsells

Lastly, we have AI Upsells. This app is AI-powered and comes highly rated 4.9/5 after 2,400+ reviews. AI Upsells stands out for many things, from recovering abandoned carts to driving sales, brand loyalty, and subscriber numbers. The app has been in use since 2019, making it tested and proven. Use AI upsell to scale your business faster by unifying messaging, marketing CRM, analytics, checkout, A/B testing, and more, all in one AI-powered chatbot. There’s a free plan and three paid plans.

AI-powered upsell platform for shopify


The above Candy Rack review highlights the most important information on Candy Rack, from the definition to the pros and cons, as well as some great alternatives. Anyone searching for the best upsell app for Shopify has some great options above.

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