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Detailed Review: How to Use Keywords Everywhere

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Keywords Everywhere review

Search engines like Google still control over 80% of all internet traffic. As of May 2023, Google still enjoys over 90% of all search traffic. This simply means almost everyone who uses the internet uses Google regularly to find information, products, and services online. 

The importance of designing a site as per Google’s recommendations (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) can’t, therefore, be over-emphasized. At the top of SEO strategies is keyword research which is simply finding out the keywords that people are most likely to search when looking for sites like yours on search engines and using those keywords strategically in your website pages. It’s a must for content marketing or finding blog ideas for your online store.

Traditional keyword research is a tedious process. Most importantly, it can’t get you very far if you don’t understand SEO in-depth. That’s where tools like Keywords Everywhere come in!

Keywords Everywhere Reviews

What is Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool?

Keywords Everywhere tool is a browser add-on or plugin meant for keyword research. The Add-on is easily installed on Firefox or Chrome to help with keyword research i.e., show monthly search volume, competition data (i.e., keywords on multiple sites), CPC, and more! 

The add-on eliminates tedious keyword research steps like copying data from one site while looking for search volume data from another site. Keywords Everywhere also provided long-tail keywords/phrases with accurate search volumes, competition data, “people also searched for data” and more!

Keywords Everywhere Pricing

Keywords Everywhere has 4 main pricing plans namely;

Keywords Everywhere Pricing

a. Bronze ($1 Per Month) Billed Annually

The plan has 100,000 credits per year and other notable features like the top 1,000 keywords per website and top 1,000 backlinks per website.

b. Silver ($4 Per Month) Billed Annually

The plan has 400,000 credits per year and other notable features like top 2,000 keywords per website and top 2,000 backlinks per website. You also get access to a powerful SEO tool called SEO Minion

c. Gold ($20 Per Month) Billed Annually

The plan has 2 million credits per year and other notable features like top 5,000 keywords per website and top 5,000 backlinks per website. You also get access to SEO Minion and a course ( worth $597.

d. Platinum ($80 Per Month) Billed Annually

The plan has 8 million credits per year and other notable features like top 10,000 keywords per website and top 10,000 backlinks per website. You also get access to SEO Minion, RapidLevelUp, and priority email support.

Pros and Cons of Keywords Everywhere

Like any other Keyword add-on, Keywords Everywhere has both pros and cons. The main ones are discussed below;

Main Pros

  • Shows useful data fast: The add-on shows search volume, cost-per-click, competition data (Adwords competition), volume metrics, trend data, historical search volume, etc. There’s no need to do repetitive keyword research tasks like copying data from a site while finding data like search volume from other sites.
  • Simple to use: Keywords Everywhere is a simple add-on that eliminates switching from back-and-forth to Google Keyword Planner. The add-on is easy to install from Chrome or Firefox and appends data seamlessly on the interface of your keyword research tool, allowing you to see everything while on Google, Bing, YouTube, Google Search Console, Amazon, Google Analytics, etc. Most importantly, you can download all data in pdf, excel, and csv file formats.
  • Affordable: With plans costing just $1 dollar monthly, the add-on is very affordable compared to its utility and similar add-on costs in the market today.

Main Cons

  • Annual billing: Some people would love it if the add-one was billed monthly as opposed to annually only.
  • No free plan: The free plan is currently unavailable.
  • Credit wasting: The credits (1 credit is equal to 1 keyword) can be used up fast if you forget to turn off the tool.
  • Dedicated support for Platinum plans only: While every other plan can access support, only Platinum clients get dedicated support.

Keywords Everywhere Plugin Ratings

Generally, Keywords Everywhere is highly rated. While negative reviews are inevitable, most people love all aspects of the add-on. The cons, such as credit wasting and annual billing, can be tolerated considering the benefits the add-on offers.

How To Use Keywords Everywhere App

Step 1: Using Keywords Everywhere is simple. Just install the add-on to your preferred browser (i.e., Keywords Everywhere Chrome and follow the simple instructions.

install Keywords Everywhere

Step 2: Use the add-on. As you go about different keyword tools while surfing, the add-on will show you useful keyword research data. For instance, below is what you will see in regard to related keywords from Google and Google Analytics

How To Use Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere traffic data

3 Best Keywords Everywhere Alternatives to Find Keywords

If you want other keyword add-on alternatives to consider, you can try the three ones discussed briefly below;

1. Keyword Surfer

This Chrome extension comes highly reviewed. It boasts over 500,000 users globally. The tool stands out for generating keyword ideas and offering search volume data directly on Google SERPs (search results pages). 

You also get valuable insights on CPC, related terms, keyword suggestions, search volume, visibility metrics, on-page data, and more. Other notable pros include the ability to create keyword collections and streamline the content creation keyword research process while staying on Google search page results.

Keyword Surfer

2. Ahrefs

This is a free keyword generator that offers thousands of great keyword ideas in seconds. Simply select the search engine or site you want (i.e., Google, Bing, YouTube, or Amazon), the country, and start finding keywords in seconds. 

The tool offers important data like the volume, CPC, CPS, parent topic, and more. You can see notable SEO metrics like keyword difficulty, global volume, traffic potential, and more. What’s more, you can analyse competition, save keyword ideas, and get keyword research guides. 

3. ChatGPT

You can also do keyword research using AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT. The chatbot was launched in November 2022 and has since garnered over 1 billion users globally every month. ChatGPT simply needs an input (prompt) to start generating keyword ideas. 

For instance, you can simply let it know your niche topic, location, and other ideal information to help it generate keyword ideas for you instantly. When using AI for keyword research, remember your result will only be as great as your prompt or input. 


There you go! The above Keywords Everywhere review covers everything from the definition to the pricing, main pros and cons, and how to use the plugin. We’ve also provided some Keywords Everywhere alternatives just in case you want to explore more keyword research and related tools. While every tool out there has pros and cons, Keywords Everywhere stands out for highly positive reviews revolving around ease of use.