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Pet Influencers for Brands to Collaborate With

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Pet Influencers for Brands

The importance of influencer marketing today is evident if you look at top influencer marketing statistics. For instance, over half of all millennials globally trust product/service recommendations from influencers. What’s more, over 60% of all marketers globally agree that influencer marketing offers a better ROI than traditional marketing methods.

It’s, therefore, prudent for anyone looking to market themselves effectively online in 2023 and beyond to consider influencer marketing. If you happen to be in the pet niche, there are pet influencers accounts on social media packed with fun and silly pet antics, lovely pet photography, and adventure with real pet characters. 

While there are obviously humans behind these pet influencers, the accounts have actual pets as the main characters. Below are 15 top pet influencers on Instagram, among other social media to follow and possibly collaborate with.

15 Top Pet Influencers to Follow

1. Itsdougthepug (3.6m Instagram Followers)

dog influencer on Instagram

Itsdougthepug is a popular dog influencer on Instagram. Doug’s fame can be linked to the witty captions, hilarious expressions, and charming character. This dog influencer boasts a global fanbase. Doug has an illustrated book and adorable annual calendar, just to mention a few undertakings.

2. Samandlevi.Thegoldenboys (31k Instagram Followers)

dog Instagram influencers

The golden boys are composed of three dog influencers, namely Chloe, Levi, and Sam. These dog influencers have 31k followers on Instagram and notable milestones like an Amazon storefront and raw food brand. The Instagram account is run by an obsessed dog mum keen on sharing products that her dogs love.

3. Pomeranian JiffPom (9m Instagram Followers)

most popular dog influencer globally

JiffPom is an adorable dog (Pomeranian) with over 9 million followers on Instagram. This makes Jiff Pom the most popular dog influencer globally. JiffPom is cute and famous, having appeared in many notable projects, including Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video. The Instagram profile is dominated by dog fashion and fun activities. 

4. Mousetales (1.5m TikTok Followers)

famous mouse influencer

Mousetales is arguably the most famous mouse influencer on Instagram today. The profile contains mouse supply recommendations, merchandise, an Amazon wish list (specifically for mice), small & big human traps (for mice), a deer mouse support forum, Cash App for donations, YouTube channel, and more.

5. Round.boys (9m Instagram Followers)

best pet Influencer

This is yet another top dog influencer Instagram profile. Round Boys is focused on advocating for larger animals on a weight-loss journey. The Instagram profile features animals of all shapes & sizes. The profile has links to merchandise and stickers, all with the aim of helping animals globally. 

6. Tuna (2m Instagram Followers)

Chihuahua Dachshund on Instagram

Tuna is arguably the most famous Chihuahua Dachshund on Instagram. Tuna also doubles up as an internet meme. Tuna was abandoned near San Diego by his initial owner. He was later adopted by Courtney Dasher in Los Angeles. Today, he is famous and making it big!

7. Mannie the Frenchie (1m Instagram Followers)

popular pet influencer

This is yet another popular pet influencer. Mannie the Frenchie was the most famous bulldog on social media globally in 2013. The French Bulldog is from Chicago and rose to fame due to photographs on numerous social media sites.

8. Nala Cat (4.5m Followers on Instagram)

cat influencer

Nala Cat is a beloved cat influencer with over 4.5 million Instagram followers as of June 2023. The cat is adopted, beloved, and boasts a Guinness World Record for highest number of Instagram followers. Nala’s Instagram feed is dominated by sustainability posts and brand partnerships with notable brands like Not Milk, The Litter Robot, and Farmville 3.

9. Grumpy Cat (2.6m Instagram Followers)

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat (actual name Tardar Sauce) is yet another top pet influencer from America. She is best known for her grumpy facial expressions caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. Her Instagram feed is dominated by posts of costumes and forced cuteness. Grumpy Cat has her own NFT, numerous memes, and a merch line.

10. Bodhi (the menswear dog): 390k Followers on Instagram)

model dog influencer

As the name suggests, Bodhi is a model dog influencer with unique menswear modelling pictures. The handsome canine is managed by his owner, who clads him in menswear and posts on social media. Surprisingly, many dog lovers can’t get enough of Bodhi’s look, which is what evolved into his brand. Bodhi has modelled for notable fashion brands like Coach and American Apparel.

11. Mr. Pokee (1.7m Followers on Instagram)

pet hedgehog influencer

Mr. Pokee is the only hedgehog influencer in this list. He’s also the most followed pet hedgehog influencer on Instagram. The pet’s posts are dominated by exciting global adventures and hedgehog wear (clothing, hats, waddles, and stockings).

12. Suki Cat (1.8m Followers on Instagram)

top cat influencer

Suki Cat is another top cat influencer who happens to be a nature lover. Suki Cat’s profile is dominated by posts of outdoor explorations from winter walks featuring sweaters and adventures like outdoor strolls while smelling wildflowers. Suki also features his brother Killua, an energetic husky who they travel together often. 

13. Jill the Squirrel (682K Followers on Instagram)

squirrel influencer

If you have a squirrel pet or love squirrels in general, you should follow and/or collaborate with Jill – a squirrel who was fortunate enough to be rescued and transitioned into pet life. Jill is dressed up in costumes and lives a very public, playful, and active life on social media and in real life alongside her human family. 

14. Hamlet the Pig (319k Instagram Followers)

pig influencer

Hamlet the Pig is a pig influencer who is “spoilt” with luxuries like her very own fireplace and couch. Her Instagram feed features posts of general adventure, family life, and pic of her in sunglasses. Hamlet the Pig has collaborated with many notable brands like PetCon and Nationwide.

15. Marnie the Dog (1.5m Instagram Followers)

top dog influencers to collaborate

Lastly, we have another dog influencer that started her journey to fame from a dog shelter. Marnie suffers from a disease that makes her head tilt sideways a little. With over 1.5 million Instagram followers, she is undoubtedly among the top dog influencers to consider, especially among causes touching on senior dogs.

How to Find Pet Influencers Easily

In case you want more pet influencers to choose from, there are several ways to find pet influencers. You can search online or consider other easy, quick, and proven ways i.e., using tested and proven influencer platforms like Collabstr that link brands and marketers to vetted influencers across a variety of niches. 

Collabstr has over 50,000 verified influencers working with 20,000+ brands. The platform offers trusted real-time data analytics, has great support, and is highly rated on Trustpilot.

Collabstr influencer marketplace


Any brand keen on marketing online in 2023 should consider influencer marketing. For specific brands in the pet niche, pet influencers are the best-suited type of influencers to consider, with most of them having Instagram profiles. Luckily, we’ve listed 15 top pet influencers for brands to start following and possibly collaborate with. If you need a longer list of pet influencers, you can consider proven influencer platforms like Collabstr that let you find pet influencers, influencers with cats (among other pets), and other types of influencers in seconds.

FAQs About Pet Influencers

What Is a Pet Influencer

Pet influencers are pets who are influencers specialising in promoting pet-related content (goods, services, and/or lifestyle). Dog influencers, cat influencers, and any other pet influencers who specialise in pet content qualify as pet influencers. 

NB: There are actual humans behind pet influencer profiles or personas on social media.

How Do Pet Ambassadors Work?

Generally, pet ambassadors work like typical marketing ambassadors in the pet niche i.e., they promote pet food, among other products, to potential and existing customers.

Who is the Most Popular Petfluencer? 

The popularity of all influencers is highly pegged on the number of followers they have, among other metrics like engagement. In this regard, Pomeranian Jiff Pom is the most popular petfluencer on Instagram, with 9.4 million followers.

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