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Pictory Review: How To Make AI Videos Easily

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If you want to make videos for social media platforms, among other channels, you can consider AI video generators. They are faster, cheaper, and come with a host of features and capabilities like customization and hundreds of templates and avatars that can be very useful. However, not every AI video generator is great. Pictory is among the select few platforms that have managed to stand out from the rest.

What is Pictory? 

Pictory can be defined as an AI video creation platform for converting long-form content into high-quality sharable branded videos. The platform is for content creators (i.e.,YouTube creators), social media managers, marketers, bloggers, course creators, coaches, agencies, and everyone else in between who would love to create video clips fast and easy.

ai video generator

Pictory Reviews and Ratings

According to reputable reviews websites like Trustpilot, Pictory is highly rated as an AI video-making tool. Over 70% of people who have rated the platform give it an excellent rating. Only 14% of Pictory users have rated the platform 3 starts or below.

Pictory Pricing Plans

Pictory has four main pricing options with a wide range of features. They include;

a. Free Trial: This plan enables users to create a maximum of three videos up to 10 minutes long.

b. Standard plan: This plan costs $19 monthly and is best suited for creators. The plan allows one user only per account, 30 videos per month, 10 hours of transcription monthly, and other notable features like editing existing videos. The standard plan comes with access to 5,000+ music tracks and access to 34 AI voices.

c. Premium plan: This plan costs $39 monthly and is best suited for professional video creators and small to medium-sized organisations. The plan also allows one user per account but has a limit of 60 monthly videos. Project length is also higher at 20 minutes per project. Users also get more AI voices (60) and music tracks (10,000).

d. Teams: This plan costs $99 monthly and comes with 3 users, 90 videos monthly, 20 branded customizable templates, 15,000+ music tracks, and projects up to 30 minutes long. The plan has an extensive library that is perfect for video creator teams keen on collaborating.

Pictory Pros and cons

Main Pros

1. Pictory has impressive AI video creation features. For instance, the platform offers templates, thousands of music tracks, AI text to speech voices, automatic video highlights, automatic voice-over synchronisation, Hootsuite integration, and more. You can turn blog posts into videos and utilise the complete video-making toolkit.

2. Free trial: Pictory also has free trials with every plan making it possible for users to test out different plans before committing to one.

3. Money-back guarantee: Pictory also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Users have two weeks to try out the AI video creation platform for risk-free. If you don’t find it useful, you can get a full refund.

4. Affordable: There are four affordable monthly plans to consider. What’s more, you get 15% savings if you pay yearly.

Main Cons

1. Limited users: The premium plan allows a maximum of 3 users, which can be too low for a plan meant for collaboration. 

2. Video length: You can’t make videos longer than 30 minutes. This limit makes the platform unsuitable for users keen on making longer videos.

3. Basic plans: The basic plans come with very basic features. 

How To Use Pictory AI Tool to Make Videos

Pictory is simple to use. Simply follow the steps below;

Step 1: Create a Free Trial

You can get started in seconds by creating a free trial, as shown below. 

Pictory Free Trial

Step 2: Choose the Plan You Want

Alternatively, you can select pricing and select the plan you want.

Pictory AI pricing

Step 3: Create your AI videos

Once logged in, simply select what you want to do and proceed. You can paste and make videos from a script, input a URL and turn an article into a video, edit existing videos using text, add visuals to video, and more.

Create AI videos

3 Best Pictory Alternatives

You don’t have to use Pictory. If the free trial doesn’t impress you or you simply want an alternative with other advanced features, consider these text to video generator alternatives;


Best Pictory Alternatives

VEED.IO is marketed as an AI text to speech platform with stock media and video templates perfect for making videos from scripts and text inputs. The platform also has a text to voice tool and an all-in-one suite perfect for any video creation process thinkable. The platform has four plans namely the free plan, basic ($12 per month), pro plan ($24 per month), and business plan ($59 per month). Get access to 240+ translations, 8,000+ minutes of subtitles, and other features perfect for 4K video projects.

2. FlexClip

Text to video generator

You could also consider FlexClip. The platform offers quick trimming, merging, adding background music, subtitles, text-to-speech voice overs, and other features perfect for creating engaging videos. The AI video creator platform has AI text to video, AI image generator, AI video scripting, AI background remover, AI auto subtitle, and more. FlexClip is a simple but incredibly powerful AI-powered video maker.

3. Synthesia

ai video generator

You can also consider Synthesia . This leading AI powered video generator creates professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes (15 minutes). Synthesia also has notable features, such as over 140 avatars and 120 languages. 

The AI video generator can create FREE AI videos without requiring personal information like credit card information. Synthesia also stands out for being tested, proven, and trusted by over 50,000+ companies globally, including Reuters and PWC. AI video creation plans start from $30 monthly.


The above Pictory review highlights all there is to know about the AI video generator, from the definition to what existing customers think in Pictory reviews and how to actually use the platform to make high-quality videos. We’ve also highlighted the pros and cons, as well as some great AI video generators to consider if you want alternative video editing tools among other AI-powered video generation features. 

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