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Pixelcut AI Product Photography Tool Review: Should I Use It?

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pixelcut ai product photography review

Having an online business is a great thing. However, there are millions of other businesses in your niche. How do you differentiate your online store? Well, if you have a product you are selling, you must represent it in the best way possible before you start marketing on your ecommerce store

The most important (but commonly overlooked) aspect of selling anything online is ensuring you have great image quality and final product photos that capture your audience’s attention and also inspire them to take action. The photos should also answer (most, if not all) questions they may have. 

Luckily, there are great AI product photography tools like Pixelcut here with us. Our focus here will be on reviewing Pixelcut, including the good and bad. We’ll also highlight how to use the tool to create the best product photos. Let’s get started.

Pixelcut AI Product Photography Tool

Pixelcut AI Product Photos Reviews and Rating

Before you consider buying anything online, it’s important to check reviews to get a firsthand perspective on what it means to use the product/service. However, you should be cautious where you read reviews.

Verifiable Pixelcut reviews online indicate that Pixelcut is rated highly at 4.4 stars (out of 5) by over 60,000 people who have downloaded and reviewed the app on Google Play Store. But what is Pixelcut, really? What can it do for your business?

What is Pixelcut AI Product Photos?

Pixelcut is an AI-powered tool for generating product photography. If you want your online store and products to stand out online, you need beautiful photos. Pixelcut helps you create just that. The AI product photo generator has multiple photo styles to choose, from holiday-like to summer and classic styles. 

The results are instant. Instead of using days to weeks to hire a photographer, just upload a photo of your product/s and create stunning product images instantly.

Using Pixelcut generates many options from hundreds of backgrounds as well as a transparent background option. Download the high-quality images you like and upload them to your Shopify store or any other platform, including social media. 

Pixelcut is perfect for holiday-themed ai generated product photos, product photos on a white background, picture-perfect templates, and more. Most importantly, it has an image editing tool that lets you customize Artificial Intelligence generated product photos with photo effects among other features to your liking.

Pixelcut Pricing 

Pixelcut Pricing

Pixelcut is marketed as a free AI product photography tool that offers basic features. However, to access pro features, you need to pay. Pixelcut Pro starts at $9.99 monthly and $59.99 annually. You can also buy credits starting from $2.99 for a one-time credit and $4.99 for 5 credits applicable for images you like and download.

Pixelcut Pro offers unlimited background removal, 100+ premium templates, unlimited magic writer, hundreds of fonts, overlays, and backdrops. You also get to unlock the app on Android and iPhone.

Pros and Cons 

Like other photo editing apps, there’s a good and bad side about Pixelcut. Here are the major pros and cons;

Main Pixelcut Pros

1. Easy to use: Pixelcut is incredibly easy to use. Thanks to AI, you simply upload your original image and start playing around with the app. The app gives you the skills of multiple graphic designers. You can search for templates and tools, edit photos, do an ai photo shoot, and more. Most importantly, your work is organized perfectly under projects, and you get to see your cutouts, templates, and more.

2. Highly reviewed: The app has over 1 m downloads on Google Play store and 4.4 stars (out of 5) after 60k+ user reviews. Most people who have downloaded Pixelcut and used it to create product photos love it.

3. Free version: The app also has a free plan with basic features that are usable for those interested in testing the app risk-free. If you want additional features, you can pay for a plan or buy credits. What’s more, pay for the annual plan (instead of monthly) and enjoy great discounts.

4. Variety of features: There are hundreds of features to use, from upscalers to magic erasers, background removers, and more. You can use many different templates, including social templates, podiums, holographic templates, holiday templates, and more, regardless of your niche. Get specific features such as templates for a food blogger, eBay listing templates, collages, and more.

Main Pixelcut Cons

1. Costly paid plans: You may need to use a paid plan to get the best, most competitive AI-generated product photos. The free plan offers basic features only

Step By Step Guide to Create AI-Generated Product Photos for Online Store

Step 1: Sign Up

Using Pixelcut AI Product Photos tool is as easy as signing up. 

Create AI-Generated Product Photos

Step 2: Getting Started

After signing up with your email, you get automatically directed to the dashboard, where you can begin creating stunning product photos immediately. 

free AI-powered photo editing tool

The dashboard has everything within easy reach. Everything can be accessed on one page. Simply select whatever feature you want. The left side shows the tools and templates and the AI photoshoot section, where you upload your product photo and let Pixelcut do the rest. There’s also a workspace section with all your projects, edited cutouts, templates you have used, and more. 

AI-generated Product photos

Step 3: Upgrade to Pixelcut Pro

Once you are done using the free features and are ready to upgrade, just select the “get pro” button as shown.

Free AI Product Photography


Should you use Pixelcut AI photo editing software? Well, if we go by Pixelcut reviews on Google Play Store, the answer is a resounding yes. Over 60,000 people have rated the app 4.4/5, meaning the app is generally loved by everyone that has downloaded and used it. Considering you get a free AI product photography app when using the free plan, Pixelcut is worth a try. 

The app isn’t comparable to any free AI-powered photo editing tools available today. Get the perfect introduction to free AI product photography with Pixelcut and consider if it’s worth your time before purchasing a paid plan.

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