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Shopify Collabs Review: Is This Shopify App Good To Use?

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Shopify Collabs Review

Influencer marketing and brand collaborations can help companies take their social media game to another level. The right partnership and strategy can elevate two emerging entrepreneurs at once and lead to some creative content. It’s not easy to find the right people to work with. That is where Shopify Collabs aims to help. Now let’s see the full Shopify Collabs review below.

What Is Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs was formerly known as Dovetale and focuses on bringing people together to boost brand profiles and create better relationships with a target market. It’s a Shopify app developed by Shopify. There is the chance to contact brand ambassadors directly through the platform to help promote the company further. This direct line to helpful influencers and compatible brands can provide a more efficient way to build business relationships and improve a social media strategy.

Shopify Collabs Features

So how does Shopify Collabs work, and what features can freelancers and entrepreneurs take advantage of? To begin with, the app is split between user types, allowing for clean and accessible interfaces for either merchants or creators. Once you have set up your profile, you can use the tools to connect with creators.

The most important feature for those looking for collaborations is the Shopify Collabs Recruit page. Everyone that is signed up has their name and profile on the platform, and you can scroll through to find the right match.

Shopify Collabs Recruit page

Once someone catches your eye, just click to apply to collab, fill in an application, and wait for a response. If they agree, you’re ready to get started on a great campaign. However, it is important to remember the limit of 10 applications per week, so review your options carefully.

From there, users can take advantage of other helpful tools on the user-friendly interface. There are separate tabs for active, pending, and inactive collaborations to keep track of current projects.

A fun extra feature is the Gifts tool. Here, brands can send each other gifts as either a marketing tool for the campaign or a thank you. For example, an influencer can browse potential gifts to review from your product list and ask to redeem them. They can then use this in their videos and other content for enhanced brand awareness.

Shopify Collabs features

Shopify Collabs Pricing

It’s a free-installed app and you don’t need to pay before you collab with influencers. But the platform may apply a 2.9% commission processing fee for every collaboration payment. If you’are a startup or small bussiness owner, this is a great influencer collaboration app that works the price. However, some of the companys may find and hire lots of creators to promote their brands, making a high commission processing fee to pay. With those budget, you can definitely find other better alternatives to Shopify Collabs. Ultimately, it all depends on how well the scheme boosts profits. If you put in the work and make the most of the feature, will it end up paying for itself?

Shopify Collabs Pricing

Users Reviews Of Shopify Collabs

Browse through other review platforms and we see different ratings for the Shopify Collabs tool. For example:

Ratings From Shopify App Store:3.0/5

Ratings From Capterra:4.7/5

Ratings From GetApp: 4.7/5

The issue of value for money is one of the common talking points in user reviews. There are quite a few users that can’t give the app 5 stars because of the expense. There are also quite a few warnings about the customer service. It can take a while for the team to respond to queries or issues with the system. This isn’t great when you have a potential Shopify Collabs influencer deal brewing, but you can’t get it off the ground.

Otherwise, the feedback is pretty positive. There are lots of Shopify Collabs brands building their profile and succeeding with this platform. They love the way they can control their pricing and deals to make a profit and find the best people. The app has led to some great relationships and most are happy to renew their subscription and keep growing. The user-friendly nature of the system and its clean interface help too.

Another important question is this: is Shopify Collabs safe? Thankfully, there are also no obvious security issues. The app seems to be secure to protect personal data. The risks come from the users more than the app itself. There is no guarantee that a brand will come through with its promises to creators, or that creators will stick to the script.

Alternatives To Shopify Collabs

Clearly, there are some pros and cons here in these Shopify Collabs reviews. If you can’t ignore the disadvantages of  Shopify Collabs, let’s take a look at the Shopify Collabs alternatives.

Afluencer: Influencer Collabs

This is one of the more well-known options and something you’ve probably seen ads for. It is a popular tool for creating effective influencers marekting campaigns and has a strong focus on coaching. You can use it to find and hire micro-influencers and creators to promote your brand. It is worth comparing with Shopify Collabs to see which has the more engaging platform.

Shopify Collabs alternatives


Collabstr is primarily a social media influencers marketing and management platform that is perfect for brands. It offer you a large marketplace to meet and collab with Instagram, TikTok and Youtube influencers. This one is totall free to use. All you need to pay is the collaboration fee to hire influencers who are creating content to promote your products to their followers on their social media channels.

Collabstr influencer marketplace


This one has plenty of positive reviews for its social media integration, making it a good choice for those looking to build partnerships and social reach online. There’s also a focus on analytics to really help businesses grow. This might be a good choice for those with multiple streams to manage.

Brandwatch influencers marketing app

Is Shopify Collabs Right For You?

It depends. The deal-breaker is the cost. The customer service issues aren’t guaranteed and are completely outweighed by the positives that Shopify Collabs Brands experience. There is a chance for some great relationships with other profiles, brands, and influencers to help boost social reach, brand recognition, and profit. Eventually, this could easily start paying for itself. The important question is whether you are ready to take that leap and put in the work to make this a successful collaboration.

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