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Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow In 2023

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Best Virtual Influencers

There are many types of influencers today. Technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) are credited for one special type called virtual influencers

What’s Virtual Influencers & How Do They Work?

Virtual influencers can be defined as virtual personas or virtual models with their own profiles on social media. They are simply computer-generated Influencers (or popular fictional characters) created largely for marketing-related purposes. 

They are made to resemble or mimic humans in realistic situations amassing themselves a huge human following in the process. This, of course, depends on how great their social media personalities are. As mentioned, they owe their human-like attributes to computer graphics, motion capture technology, and advanced computing like AI and machine learning. 

There are virtual influencers in 2023 with a huge following and offering a better engagement rate than their human counterparts. Here are the leading virtual influencers in 2023 you should consider following or collaborating with as a marketer. We’ve included all types/kinds of virtual influencers, from AI influencers to CGI influencers, metaverse influencers, avatar influencers, and everything in between.

20 Virtual Influencers to Follow 2023

1. Lil Miquela (2.8 million followers on Instagram)

Miquela is an LA-based change-seeking virtual character that has been around since 2016. The virtual influencer is a global phenomenon, having been featured on Time Magazine’s most influential figures on the internet. Miquela is a style/fashion visionary, musician, and change seeker managed by LA-based tech startup company Brud. 

best Virtual Influencers

2. Rozy (154k followers on Instagram)

Rozy is a virtual influencer that doubles up as a singer, model, DJ, and environmental activist. She is the brainchild of a South Korea-based digital company. Rozy is South Korea’s 1st ever virtual influencer. She was made using 3D modelling. She debuted on Instagram in 2020 as a Korean girl with a “generation MZ” look. She has slender legs, flawless skin, and full lips. 

virtual influencer on instagram

3. Imma (399k followers on Instagram)

Imma (Linktree) is a virtual influencer made by ModelingCafe Inc. – a Tokyo-based company that specialises in CG models. Imma stands out for having the most detailed facial expressions to distinctive hair and make-up. The goal of ModelingCafe when making Imma was to combine AI programming with a CG construct that has real-time animation capabilities.

AI programming influencer

4. Ion Gottlich (77.4k followers on Instagram)

Gottlich is a sports and health virtual influencer. While Gottlich is fictional, he is meant to inspire people’s diet. He loves cycling and has a distinct bulky physique that matches his confident and somewhat arrogant persona. However, Gottlich is also funny and lovable.

sports and health virtual influencer

5. Shudu (239k followers on Instagram)

Shudu is a black South Africa-based virtual supermodel. She can be described as the first black virtual influencer. She offers a choice for followers’ keen on inclusivity. Shudu is flawless, elegant, and fancy, making her highly sought after by many renowned companies, including Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

virtual supermodel

6. EMOI (1k followers)

EMOI is a virtual nano influencer from Vietnam. She’s arguably Vietnam’s first virtual influencer. Her name means “hey sweety”. She’s elegant with a great sense of fashion, giving her incredible potential to grow her presence on social media.

virtual nano influencer from Vietnam

7. Thalasya (465k followers on Instagram)

Thalasya is a virtual influencer from Indonesia. She was developed in 2018 by Magnavem Studio. Thalasya loves travelling and exploring the world. To afford her expensive hobby, Thalasya endorses hotels and restaurants. She’s also collaborated with many other companies and has a clothing store called Yipiiiii.

virtual influencer from Indonesia

8. Bee_nfluencer (243k followers on Instagram)

Bee_nfluencer is the world’s first animal virtual influencer. Unlike other virtual IG influencers, B has one primary goal of advocating for bees. Bee_nfluencer raises awareness about bees and saving them by working with many brands globally, like Galeries Lafayette, Guerlain, and Bumble Fit.

animal virtual influencer

9. BodybyRalph (152k followers on Instagram)

Body by Ralph is a global virtual influencer in the life coach niche. He also doubles up as a comic character (but a very influential one). Ralph was created by character-first entertainment studio, Shadows Interactive. Ralph is a strong advocate for discipline and fitness.

virtual influencer in the life coach niche

10. Bermuda (248k followers on Instagram)

Bermuda can be described as a Kim Kardashian-looking virtual influencer. She is classy, beautiful, fashionable, and cares about health and fitness. Bermuda is an older computer-generated influencer but features a fresh appearance considering she first appeared in 2016.

Kim Kardashian-looking virtual influencer

11. Qai Qai (328k followers on Instagram) 

Qai Qai is a leading baby virtual influencer. She is Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian’s family doll, something which helped her become a global virtual influencer instantly. Qai Qai is sassy and funny. She loves to answer questions, dance and lip-sync, making her more popular on platforms like TikTok. 

baby virtual influencer

12. Lu Do Magalu (6.3 million Instagram followers)

Magalu may be the most followed virtual influencer on Instagram. She has 6.3 million Instagram followers as of May 2023 and a reach of 47m+ on social media. The Brazilian virtual influencer loves doing product reviews for Magazine Luiza. She has worked with notable brands like Samsung and is most renowned for her kindness, innocence, and morals. 

 computer-generated Influencers

13. KDA_music (537k Instagram followers)

KDA music is a K-POP-inspired virtual girl group with four characters, namely Kai’sa, Evelynn, Ahri, and Akali. The virtual influencer group was created by video game developer Riot Games. The group has a single currently streaming and featuring popular virtual character Seraphine.

K-POP-inspired virtual girl group

14. Noonouri (405k Instagram followers)

Noonouri is a virtual model, vegan, and activist from Munich, Germany. Noonouri has a cartoon character but has been fortunate enough to feature in various fashion weeks, including those with global luxury brand Louis Vuitton. She is from Munich, Germany. 

virtual model

15. Pippa Pei (~8k Instagram followers)

Pippa Pei is a London-based CGI virtual influencer. Pippa’s first appearance was in 2019 as a quirky 19-year-old focused on changing the world. She stimulates debate while promoting positive change. Pippa Pei is against practices like consumerism and following fashion trends.

CGI virtual influencer

16. Koffi (16.4k Instagram followers)

Koffi is yet another CGI virtual influencer. The virtual male fitness influencer has collaborated with other virtual influencers like Shudu. Koffi maintains a neutral sentiment online with a social equity of 52.8 that is way higher than the mean (27.38).

virtual male fitness influencer

17. Kano (3.46k subscribers on YouTube)

Kano is Japan’s leading virtual YouTube influencer. Kano is a musician signed under Imperial Records. She began uploading songs online before gaining popularity in 2015 after releasing her single dubbed “Stella-rium”.

virtual YouTube influencer

18. Kyoko Date 

Kyoto Date is a virtual influencer (idol). She is among the oldest 3D CG characters, having debuted in 1996. She hasn’t enjoyed widespread popularity but paved the way for other characters. Kyoko Date is linked to Japanese talent agency, Horipro.

19. Kuki AI (5.3k subscribers on YouTube)

Kuki is a virtual AI influencer on YouTube designed to befriend people in the metaverse. Formerly Mitsuku, Kuki can be defined as a chatbot but not a typical one, having won the Loebner Prize five times. Kuki is present on Telegram, Discord, Facebook Messenger, among other platforms.

virtual AI influencer on YouTube

20. Ami Yamato (149k subscribers on YouTube)

Lastly, we have another Japanese virtual influencer worth following. Ami Yamato is a YouTube virtual influencer who vlogs from a perspective of an animated character who doesn’t seem to know she is animated. Ami Yamato is London-based but originally from Japan. Her videos offer a light-hearted perspective on life.

Japanese virtual influencer


Going by the latest influencer marketing statistics, it is arguably the most powerful form of digital marketing today. Virtual influencers offer marketers a unique reach. Considering some virtual influencers today have millions of followers (reach) across multiple platforms, it helps to understand and explore the world of virtual influencers.

FAQ about Virtual Influencers

How is AI used in influencer marketing?

As mentioned above, there are many virtual influencers powered by AI. The technology makes it possible for computer-generated characters to learn and become human-like in their interactions with other virtual characters and humans online.

Who was the first AI celebrity?

Ami Yamato is believed to have been the 1st ever AI celebrity or virtual personal, having been featured in vlogs (video blogs) as early as 2010. However, there may have been other little-known AI personas.

Who is the most famous virtual influencer?”

Lu Do Magalu may be the most famous virtual influencer on Instagram, with 6.3 million followers.

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