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How to Use Google Reviews to Boost Your Business

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Google reviews can be described as online reviews that show up next to your Google Business profile on Search and Google Maps. 

The reviews offer useful information about your business, from location to website and contact information. They also help your business differentiate itself online by highlighting review scores and a snippet of what your past and current clients think about your products and services.

Google Business Profile

Why are Google Reviews Important?

  • Google reviews are important since they give people more confidence to visit your site or business and buy your products or services. This is usually the case if you have a high score with many positive reviews. 
  • Google reviews are also great because they have SEO benefits. Google loves ranking businesses that have good reviews. The odds of your site ranking higher on Google search engine result pages are higher if you get many positive reviews as this is an indication of customer satisfaction. In simpler terms, it’s easier for people to find your business on Google if you have good Google reviews.
  • Google reviews also repair online reputation. Assuming your business has been reviewed badly in the past in posts, forums, or other online channels, setting up Google reviews is a great way to repair your reputation. 

Tips to Manage Google Reviews for Your Business

We now know what Google reviews are and why every business with an online presence should care about the subject. Let’s now shift our focus to managing Google reviews. Find out how to increase Google review rating, great ways of getting Google reviews, and more!

1. Setting Up & Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

For Google reviews to offer the above benefits and more, you must know how to set up and optimize your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

Luckily, the process is straightforward when you visit Google Business Profile. Provided you offer as much business information as possible, make it easy for potential customers to contact you, and regularly update your profile, you shouldn’t have any problem. It also helps to take advantage of the category-specific features. Google has detailed these specific recommendations for setting up a great profile.

When providing as much business information, they recommend including reviews, a business category, operating hours, website link, and more. Most importantly, the profile should be complete, as this is an indication of reputability.

2. How to Ask for a Review on Google

Soliciting reviews is another important consideration. Having a Google Business Profile isn’t enough. Your past and current customers are not guaranteed to review you. To get reviews, and positive ones for that matter, you must ask your customers. 

It’s best to send review requests to happy customers to increase the chances of getting great reviews. Identifying happy customers is easy. Simply monitor who is talking positively about your products/services on social media and request them to review you. Reviews should also be sought out at a strategic time i.e., after a customer has used a product/service for an adequate time or when a customer receives a discount. Other ideal times include when product/service delivery has been completed. 

Besides timing, it matters how you ask for a review. For instance, it should be via a highly personalized message to make the customer feel special. The message should also be brief. Also, remember to include the direct link to Google reviews. Adding review links on regular email campaigns, carts (for repeat buyers), and website pages will also increase the odds.

3. Encouraging Positive Google Reviews 

How to increase Google review rating is critical for improving search ranking and other SEO linked benefits like getting more site visitors and increased sales. As mentioned, reviews should be sought after strategically i.e., from happy customers only after a purchase or those who are already talking positively about your products. Positive reviews can also be granted with ease from those that take up promotions or discount codes. 

4. Responding to Google Reviews 

Negative reviews are inevitable. When the time comes and you get a negative Google review, wisdom dictates that you respond honestly to the customer feedback instead of ignoring it. Responding to negative feedback neutralizes the effect. It’s a great way to show potential clients that you care. However, responses should include an acknowledgment and apology as well as a proposed solution for them to have a desired impact.

5. How to Remove Bad Reviews on Google

It can be tempting to simply delete bad Google reviews instead of taking actions such as responding to them. However, it’s not that easy. You can’t just delete negative reviews. Google reserves the right to do so if the review/s in question violates their terms. All you need to do is simply flag the review for deletion.

What happens if the comment is negative but doesn’t violate their terms? Well, you respond to the review and resort to reputation management techniques like going on a positive review-seeking campaign to “bury” the negative review. Seeking many positive reviews will dilute the negative comment in question.

6. Showcasing Google Reviews on Your Website

It also helps to think outside Google. While Google reviews show up on Google Maps and SERPS when people search for businesses like yours, that doesn’t mean the reviews can’t be posted elsewhere. 

You can use Google Reviews widgets to embed Google reviews on your website (as social proof) fast and easy to increase your credibility and boost customer loyalty.

Google Reviews app
Showcasing Google Reviews on Your Website

7. Building Long-Term Reputation and Trust

Google reviews have the best outcome if you have a long-term approach. Here’s how to increase Google review 5 star rating and have a lasting impact;

a. Consistency in Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

You won’t get genuine positive reviews organically unless you truly purpose to offer exceptional products/services consistently for years. 

b. How Positive Reviews Contribute to Word-of-mouth Marketing

Customers who are consistently happy about your products/services automatically become unpaid brand ambassadors willing to do word-of-mouth marketing for FREE.

c. Fostering A Community of Loyal Customers Through Genuine Interactions

Having a long-term approach to collecting positive reviews also ensures a steady growth of loyal customers who love your brand genuinely.


Google reviews have a direct and indirect impact on your business. There are countless studies showing customers look at reviews before deciding whether to buy from a business. Google reviews matter the most for businesses since most internet users use Google to find products, services, and businesses online. We’ve discussed how to use Google reviews to boost your business. We’ve also covered important Google review management steps, getting Google reviews that matter, and more!


Does having more Google reviews help your business?

YES! As discussed above, the higher the no. of positive reviews, the higher your SEO ranking. 

Can I Buy Google Reviews?

Yes, but you shouldn’t buy fake reviews! It’s better to acquire positive organic results that have a real impact. What’s more, Google penalizes practices aimed at manipulating ranking i.e. buying fake reviews.

Do Google Reviews Boost SEO?

Yes! Google reviews indicate a business’s reputation, which is an important local ranking factor. 

How Many 5-star Reviews Does It Take to Increase Google Rating?

It depends! You should have more positive reviews than your competitors to realize a significant increase in Google ranking.

How Many Google Reviews Do I Need to Increase?

As mentioned, it depends on your competition. You need as many positive reviews as you can get. However, if you have more than most of your competitors, you should enjoy a significant increase in ranking. 

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