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Aftership Package Tracker Review: How to Use It on Shopify

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Aftership Package Tracker Review

Shopify is a leading online store platform with a significant number of top online stores being Shopify stores today. The Shopify revenue figures speak volumes. As a result, it’s not a matter of having a Shopify store but how you can make your Shopify store better. 

Offering better payment methods on your store i.e., Shopify Payments, is one of those ways of improving customer experience. Ensuring a seamless shipping experience is another way. That’s where Aftership package tracker comes in handy! Should you use the tracker? Let’s find out below.

Aftership Reviews 

What is Aftership? 

Aftership Reviews

AfterShip is among the leading Shopify order tracking apps on Shopify’s app store. The app has 4.7 stars after garnering over 3800 reviews. Aftership also happens to be one of the oldest but highly rated Shopify order tracking apps, having been launched over 10 years ago (in May 2012). 

The app tracks orders and sends automated shipping notifications. It has a free plan and three paid plans which offer more features as you upgrade.

Aftership Pricing: The Free vs Paid Version

Aftership app has four main pricing plans.

Aftership Pricing: The Free vs Paid Version

1. Free Plan

This plan runs for 7 days. It offers a maximum of 50 shipments/month and other notable features like order lookup, 24/7 live chat, branded tracking pages, 7 standardized order statuses, and 800+ courier integrations.

2. Essentials Plan

This plan costs $11 per month. Save 18% by paying $108 yearly. The main features include 100 shipments monthly and all features that come with the free plan alongside others like SMS and email notifications, shipping performance analytics, and CSV import and export. 

3. PRO Plan

This plan costs $119 per month, $1,188 yearly (save 17%), and comes with all features in other lower plans (essentials). The plan offers 2,000 shipments monthly, dynamic tracking pages, klaviyo integration, and multilingual tracking pages.

4. Premium Plan

This plan costs $239 per month, $2,388 yearly (save 17%), and comes with all features in the PRO plan plus more i.e., powerful artificial intelligence integration and analytics. Other features include transit times report, advanced email triggers, on-time shipment report, AI predictive EDD, and custom domain for all tracking pages.

Pros and Cons of Aftership

Main Pros of Aftership

Users love many things about Aftership. The most notable include;

1. The great features: Users love that the app has AI-powered functionality, and you get advanced email triggers, custom domains for tracking pages, and detailed reports.

2. Free plan: Users also appreciate that you can try this app risk-free for a week to discover 1st hand what it can do for your Shopify store order tracking process.

3. Affordability with yearly payments: The app plans are also affordable when you pay yearly. Discounts range from 17% to 18%, depending on the paid plan you select.

4. Usability: Aftership is easy to integrate into your Shopify store. It has simple interfaces for different features allowing anyone (even without a tech background) to understand the app and get the best out of it. What’s more, you can integrate Aftership with hundreds of carriers.

5. Tested and proven: Aftership also has the experience advantage. Unlike most Shopify shipping tracking apps today, Aftership has been around since 2012. For more than a decade, it has been tested and proven to work as advertised. 

Main Cons of Aftership

As stated, the app is highly reviewed with overwhelmingly positive reviews. However, cons are inevitable. The most notable include;

1. Short free plan: The app’s free plan lasts only a week. As per some Aftership reviews, a week is too short to test a customer order tracking app. 

2. Cost of advanced plans: Cost is also an issue to some people, especially those who want to enjoy the premium plan with unmatched benefits like AI-powered analytics.


Out of the 3800+ reviews and 4.7 out of 5 rating, over 3,200 reviews are five stars meaning those users love everything about the app. This represents a 70% rating. Only 5% of all users have rated the app two stars and below.

Guide To Use Aftership for Shopify Store 

Given Aftership comes with many benefits, how do you start using the app? Here are simple steps to follow if you wish to start using Aftership.

How to Add Aftership to Shopify Store? 

Step 1: Go to Shopify’s App Store

Begin by visiting Shopify’s app store to add the app to your store. You’ll be prompted to choose your Shopify store account when you click “add app”.

Aftership shopify app store
choose shopify account

After choosing your account, you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll  install the app after agreeing to the necessary requirements. 

NB: The app needs some access to work properly i.e., customer and store information. You must grant such access to continue.

install aftership on Shopify

Alternatively, you can simply create an account with and connect your Shopify store directly.

connect aftership to Shopify store

Step 2: Aftership Dashboard

Once installed, you’ll get access to the Aftership dashboard with instructions on getting started. You can try Aftership’s 7-day free trial before choosing a paid plan. Remember to follow the setup guide to unlock powerful features. 

Adding your preferred carriers (i.e., lbc tracking aftership, usps tracking aftership, etc.), setting up customer notifications, and customizing your tracking is critical to getting the best out of Aftership.

Aftership Dashboard

Step 3: Start Tracking

Once you finish setting up, you can begin tracking orders. The app has several menus that take you to different dashboards for accessing different functionalities.

aftership Tracking packages

How Do I Add a Tracking Page to My Shopify Store? 

The tracking pages can be accessed from the dashboard menu as shown.

aftership create tracking page

Adding, editing, renaming, duplicating and deleting tracking pages, among other actions, can be accessed as shown below.

set up aftership tracking page


There you go! Our Aftership review above summarises all there is to know. Aftership package tracker app has been in use for over a decade. The app is tested and proven by many Shopify store owners and Shopify store customers globally. In 2023 and beyond, the app is expected to continue dominating the Shopify shipping tracking app for notable reasons discussed above. 

Besides offering powerful AI-powered features, the app also has a great interface. It is also affordable and usable risk-free for a week. If you wish to try it out, simply follow our guide above on how to install Aftership Shopify shipping tracking app above.

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