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How To Choose the Best Shipping Tracking App for Shopify

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Shopify order tracking app review

If you’re keen on running an online store, you won’t go wrong with Shopify. The platform has over 4 million stores, with over 70% of them being in the U.S. In simple terms, Shopify works! However, opening a Shopify store is just the start. You must purposely apply a great markting strategy on your online store and offer the best customer satisfaction possible to grow. For example, offering affordable and reliable payment options like Shopify Payments helps. 

Another great way to do this is to ensure you have a seamless order shipping process. Using a shipping tracking app is a great way to do this, and Shopify has many of them. How do you select the best from the rest? Before answering this question, let’s define shipping tracking apps.

What Is Shipping Tracking App? 

As the name suggests, a shipping tracking app tracks orders from when they are bought and ready to be shipped to when they reach the customer. The apps utilise technology like GPS, among others to track the movement of orders. 

The apps offer timelines, exact location of orders at any given time, information on courier handling the order, and other useful information. The best trackers will offer additional information like real-time notifications/updates and more.

How To Choose Shipping Tracking Apps for Your Business? What To Consider? 

There are countless shipping tracking apps you can use for your Shopify store today. How do you tell the best from the rest? Well, consider the following when choosing a customer order tracking app for your Shopify store;

1. Integration

First and foremost, the best apps shouldn’t have a problem integrating with Shopify. In fact, they should be built for Shopify to integrate seamlessly. While tech issues are inevitable, the app should empower your business instead of slowing things down. 

2. Data Privacy and Security

Considering shipping tracking apps contain sensitive customer information such as names, addresses, etc., the importance of data privacy and security can’t be overlooked. You should choose an app that has safeguards in place to protect customer and business data from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

3. Advanced Features

Basic apps will not offer you competitive advantage. As a result, consider apps that have powerful key features like conditional awareness where you can know the condition of your order i.e., humidity, temperature, shock, etc., during shipment. 

Apps powered by powerful technologies like AI offer such functionalities and more i.e., advanced shipping analytics, inventory management. Your preferred app should also be scalable. It should grow with you i.e., allow multiple users, have cloud-based functionality, and more.

4. Usability

The app should also be usable. You shouldn’t be required to be a tech wizard to use the shipping tracking app and get the best out of it. Consider apps with simple interfaces that anyone can understand and use. Usability is critical for future scalability of your business.

5. Dedicated Support

Lastly, the app should have adequate support (preferably live chat, email and phone) 24/7. Since shipping is a 24/7 affair, you should be able to reach support anytime in case of delivery time changes, app malfunctions, etc. Support should also be responsive. 

While access to the entire customer support team may vary depending on the plan you select, you should have stellar support with paid plans.

6 Best Shipping Tracking Tools for Shopify Store 

There are tons of Shopify apps that could help to manage your store and grow your brand. If you’re wondering which shipping apps are the best currently for Shopify, we’ve done the research for you. Below are the best apps to consider for your Shopify store.

a. 17track

Shipping Tracking Tools for Shopify

17track is a leading Shopify order status app on the Shopify app store with stellar reviews (5 stars after 1,400+ reviews). The app has a free two-week plan that lets you try it out at zero shipping costs. The developer (17TRACK) launched the app in 2021 and introduced great features, including global shipment tracking. Shopify store owners can track orders domestically and internationally. 

The app also comes with a customized tracking page where buyers can track their orders on your Shopify site. Other notable features include email notifications when order status changes, buyer protection, and a management dashboard for monitoring shipment statuses, upsell conversion data, and more.

b. Aftership

Shopify order status app

This is another highly reviewed Shopify order status app on the Shopify app store. The app is rated 4/7 stars after 3,800+ reviews. Like 17Track, AfterShip also has a free plan, although it lasts for a week only. 

The app has a wide range of features, the most notable being branded tracking pages, timely SMS and email notifications, a centralized shipment dashboard, and an AI-powered system that estimates delivery dates with unmatched accuracy. AfterShip also has built-in analytics that offers store owners useful insights on shipment status and performance.

c. Omega

Omega Order Tracking tool

Omega Order Tracking is also highly reviewed (4.9 stars out of 156 reviews). The app is by developer Omega and dates back to 2021. It comes with notable features like real-time updates that keep customers informed at all times. The app also offers a branded tracking page, estimated delivery dates, advanced analytics, and an automated courier matching, offering seamless tracking experiences.

d. Parcel Panel

free order tracking Shopify app

Parcel Panel is an equally great free order tracking Shopify app with a free and paid plan. The app is by Channelwill and boasts 5 stars out of 1,500+ reviews. The app was launched in 2019 and is still highly rated. Notable features include parcel tracking data on a smart dashboard. The app also engages customers via seamless shipping notifications. 

There are also branded order lookup pages with numerous custom elements. Other top benefits include 24/7 customer service, powerful analytics, smart upsell system, and powerful drop shipping features.

e. Track123


You can also consider Track123. The app has 4.9 stars after 1700+ reviews garnered since being launched in January 2022. Track123 stands out for integrating with over 1,500 shipping options (carriers). The app also has a dropshipping mode, hides/replaces specific keywords when tracking hence more data privacy. 

The app also has a branded tracking page, automatic payment integration with PayPal, and email marketing features that direct customers to tracking pages.

f. Rush

order management software

Lastly, we have Rush by Rush LTD. This app has a 4.9 rating after 250+ reviews since being launched in 2020. The app is on Shopify’s app store and offers notable benefits like branded tracking pages with custom product recommendations, AI predictive functions, integrated transaction delivery correspondence, a drop shipping package that hides/shows origin address, masks carriers, and offers more. Lastly, the app also offers advanced analytics.


Having order management software tools like the customer order tracking apps discussed above is critical for any Shopify store. Seamless shipping is an important part of an online shopping experience. Since all the above apps are highly rated, available on Shopify’s app store, and meet our criteria above for best Shopify order tracking apps, you can test them out and take your pick.

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