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Best Shopify Upsell & Cross Sell Apps You Should Know

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Best Shopify Upsell & Cross Sell Apps

From a Shopify and online store perspective, upselling refers to encouraging existing customers (who have already bought something) to purchase more. In upselling, the focus is on promoting higher products compared to the one that has been bought. In cross-selling, customers are encouraged to buy complementary products, related or relevant products/services. 

While the terms cross selling and upselling may be used interchangeably, they are different. However, both are intended to boost sales, increase customer retention/loyalty. Here’s more on the benefits. 

Benefits of Upsell & Cross Sell for eCommerce 

There are many reasons to add a Shopify upsell app, or Shopify cross sell app in your store. The most notable include;

1. Boost revenue: Whether you are promoting products that are similar to or better than what existing customers have already bought, the end result is increased revenue. Customers are bound to buy more if they are encouraged to do so, and the suggestions make sense.

2. Improved customer satisfaction: Upselling and cross-selling apps give online store owners an opportunity to give better offers. If a customer is getting multiple discount codes, they are bound to feel like they are getting better value for money. This ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

3. Increased order value: There are many ways to boost online store sales. Focusing on getting more out of existing customers may be a better strategy than seeking new customers. Cross-selling and upselling apps allow online store owners to do precisely that, boosting revenue and profitability in the process.

4. Lower marketing costs: Cross-selling and upselling apps are cheap marketing tools that don’t cost anything to try out. What’s more, even if you pay, premium plans  are the cheapest ways of securing new customers since advanced plans still cost less than other customer acquisition or sales strategies.  

5. Higher customer lifetime value: The success of any Shopify store or online store is gauged in many ways, including the customer lifetime value i.e., how long a store keeps its customers. Having offers and offering value for money via upsell and cross-selling is bound to boost customer lifetime value.

Best Upsell & Cross Sell Apps for Shopify Store 

Now that you know the benefits of upselling and cross-selling apps, let’s now focus on the best apps in the market today. It’s worth noting that an app sell or cross-sell app won’t mean much if it doesn’t have superior additional features. Here are the best apps to consider;

1. Zipify – Shopify One Click Upsell

best upsell app for shopify

Zipify- oneclickupsell (OCU) app comes highly recommended for many reasons. First and foremost, you get to test the app for FREE for 30 days. If you like it, pay $35 monthly and enjoy a multitude of benefits from pre-purchase upsells to post-purchase upsells and everything in-between. 

The app has been in existence since October 2020 and is highly rated at 4/6/5 after 290+ reviews. The app stands out for being quick and convenient. Customers don’t need to enter payment information again to take advantage of offers. What’s more, the app has built-in split testing/advanced analytics, unlimited upsells, and unmatched support.

2. CandyRack

shopify upsell app

This is another highly rated all-in-one upsell app with a stellar rating on Shopify app store. CandyRack is undoubtedly the best upsell app for Shopify and best cross sell app for Shopify. The Shopify app does both perfectly, driving pre and post-purchase upsells drastically.  

Besides being an all-in-one solution, CandyRack also stands out for its mobile-friendly design, smart upsells powered by artificial intelligence, and unmatched customization options. Also check our Candy Rack review to know more about this great upsell app for Shopify Store!

3. Reconvert Upsell & Cross Sell

best free upsell app for Shopify

Reconvert can qualify as the best free upsell app for Shopify for a 30-day period. The app has a 4.9/5 average rating after over 4,000 reviews. ReConvert has also been available for years (since 2018). It is a tested and proven upsell and cross sell app. Impressive key features include deep segmentation that triggers bundle up-selling and cross-selling. The Shopify app is also easy to manage.

4. Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell is also highly rated at 4.6/5 after 1,500+ reviews. The app has also been tested and proven since 2021. Bold Upsell has over 700,000 users. The plan has a 14-day free trial, and plans starting from $9.99 (for basic plan). Notable pros include drag & drop checkout for users with Shopify Plus, funnels (showing additional products after initial offer is declined or accepted), and unmatched customization i.e., scheduled offer and inventory settings.

5. Zoorix

bundles and cross sell app for shopify

Zoorix is marketed as a bundles and cross sell app. It also has a stellar rating (all 5-stars) since 2019. The app has a 1-month free trial after which charges apply. Zoorix has many valuable features, such as multiple offer types, conversion rates boosting tools, and AI product upsell recommendations. Discount popups are based on factors like sales volume, quantity, variant level, and quantity.


Upselling and cross-selling apps have many benefits for Shopify store owners. Besides boosting revenue, they increase customer loyalty, order value, customer lifetime value and lower marketing costs. 

However, you must choose the best post purchase upsell app for Shopify to enjoy these benefits and more. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you. Choose the best free upsell app for Shopify or choose a paid app (premium versions) to get more benefits.

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