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How To Choose the Best Chatbot App for Shopify Store

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How To Choose The Best Chatbot App For Shopify Store

You’ve already made the bold step of setting up a Shopify store. However, you need to improve customer experience to boost sales. You can start by adding a better payment method for your customers i.e., Shopify Payment, and consider a good Shopify shipping app to streamline the shipping experience. 

However, there’s more. Customer support channels like chat are also great for improving customer experience. Your customers will always have questions. A chatting function on your site provides answers to such questions. However, since there are many chat apps, which Chatbot apps are the best for Shopify stores? 

Before we answer this, let’s take a step back and define some terms.

What Is Chatbot App? 

Chatbots can be defined as computer programs that utilize advanced technologies like natural language processing and artificial intelligence to respond to customer queries via automated responses. 

Chatbot apps simulate human conversations. Technology has made chatbots as efficient, if not more efficient, than live chat human agents. They can receive queries from users, analyze those queries, identify user intent, and send accurate replies.

Types of Chatbots

Types of Chatbots

Chatbots can be categorized into several types namely;

1. AI-based Chatbots 

As the name suggests, these chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence. They are trained over time to learn human communication and deliver better responses over time in a more personalized manner.

2. Rule-based Chatbots

These chatbots operate on predetermined rules. They offer store users different options within their interest as answers to a query. These bots are useful for simple tasks such as replying to FAQs.

3. Hybrid Chatbots

These types of chatbots are both rule-based and AI-powered, making them highly practical. 

4. Other Types

AI-based chatbots have other sub-types based on the specific or dominant technology powering them. For instance, machine learning chatbots use machine learning as the dominant technology allowing them the capacity to learn and improve further with time. 

NLP chatbots are run by natural language processing algorithms focused on understanding human language and fully interpreting user intent, and responding in the most “human” way possible. Other types include voice bots which offer voice assistance. They are generally powered by AI. There are other types, like lead generation chatbots programmed with the goal of generating sales leads.

How to Choose Chatbot Apps for Online Store? What to Consider? 

To identify the best Shopify chatbot apps and increase conversions for your online store, consider the following;

Multitasking abilities: The best chatbot for Shopify is one that can perform multiple tasks. For instance, the best AI-powered chatbots for online stores can perform customer support tasks, qualify leads, generate leads, market, and perform other useful tasks.

Easy integration: The best chatbot apps are also easy to integrate with your eCommerce platform among other platforms like social media channels and other apps/software. 

Powered by powerful technology: The best apps also feature the best technologies i.e., machine learning that allows the app to offer better responses with time. Technologies like NLP allow the bots to process language and incorporate speech recognition. Other capabilities include the ability to converse with voice and chat.

Seamless functionality: Popular chatbots are also reliable, with seamless transfer to humans when needed. Since bots may hit a “dead-end” in a conversation, they should have capability to transfer communication to a human agent seamlessly, preferably on the same chat platform.

There are obviously other chatbot app features to consider. However, the above information sets the foundation for identifying the best from the rest.

4 Best Shopify Chatbot Apps 

Below are the best Shopify chatbot apps to consider in 2023;

1. One

free chatbot for shopify

One is a highly rated app with a 4.9 out of 5 rating after 2,400+ reviews. The app qualifies as a free Shopify bot with its free to install version. The app is also marketed as a ChatGPT upselling and email marketing app, so it also qualifies as a Shopify ai chatbot. 

Notable features include AI technology, an upselling checkout page, an automated email/SMS feature, and discount features i.e., coupon codes, gift cards, and more. One integrates with ChatGPT and other apps/systems like MailChimp, Klaviyo, Yotpo, and more.

The app has a free plan, starter plan ($6 per month), basic plan ($9 per month), and pro plan ($12 per month). But for the AI Chat Bot, you don’t have to pay and that’s included in the free plan!

2. Chatra

best chatbot for shopify

Chatra is another highly-rated Shopify chatbot. The chatbot works as a chatbot and also offers live chat. Chatra boasts of a 4.8 out of 5 rating after 641 reviews. Notable features include Live Chat, routine work assistance, answering messages via Instagram, Facebook, and email, as well as compatibility with all operating systems. The app has a free plan and two paid plans, namely essential plan (at $21 per month) and pro plan (at $29 per month). Chatra was released in 2015.

3. Tidio

best chatbot for shopify

Tidio is yet another great Shopify chatbot with live chat and AI-powered features. The app is highly reviewed (4.7 out of 5 after 1600+ reviews). Top features include live chat, capability to increase sales and solve problems, cart preview, and easy Shopify integration (adds to Shopify in 30 seconds). 

The app has a free plan, communicator plan ($25 per month), chatbots plan ($29 per month), and a Tidio plan ($394 per month) that comes with superior features like unlimited live chat, 24/7 support, AI capabilities, custom number of operators and more. Tidio was released in 2014.

4. Helpdesk

shopify ai chatbot

The app is highly reviewed (4.5 out of 5 stars after 600 reviews) and has notable features such as live chat, full customer context (before answering), support metrics (on live dashboards), instant answers to shopper questions, and more. The app has four plans namely; a starter plan ($10 per month), basic plan ($60 per month), pro plan ($360 per month), and an advanced plan ($900 per month). Helpdesk was released in 2017.


Shopify is a great eCommerce platform. However, your Shopify online store needs to be powered by the right tools to offer unmatched customer satisfaction. After you install payment and shipping apps among other apps, don’t forget to install customer support apps as well. We’ve listed our top picks. Pick any Shopify messenger bot of your choice above that meets our criteria for best Shopify chatbots.

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