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Detailed Comparison of ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages: Which One to Choose?

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ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages

Once you build your site, install upsell and cross-selling apps, provide the best online payments such as Shop Pay, you aren’t guaranteed sales yet. Why? Well, you need to drive traffic to your site from social media, search, email marketing, etc. Most importantly, you need to take your potential clients through a customer journey that earns their trust before they can think of buying from you. 

That’s simply what we call “building a sales funnel”. To do this effectively, you need the best sales funnel builder you can get. That’s where ClickFunnels and LeadPages come in. But which one should you choose? Well, let’s find out below.

Brief overview of ClickFunnels and LeadPages 

ClickFunnels markets itself as a platform that builds the perfect sales funnels and offers many other tools for marketing your business, selling actual products/services and delivering them like a pro with zero computer skills required. ClickFunnel is arguably the original funnel builder, having been founded in 2014. However, the platform has evolved to be much more than that.

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On the other hand, LeadPages is marketed as a lead generation platform that increases your conversion rates threefold using a multitude of conversion tools, lead generation training, and other resources. The platform claims to grow leads in three simple ways namely; building your brand, creating your funnel, and expanding your skills.

leadpages review

Features Comparison 

ClickFunnels and LeadPages can be compared with respect to many features. However, below are the main feature comparison factors to consider;

1. Sales Funnel Building 

ClickFunnels offers a highly comprehensive sales funnel-building experience with a drag & drop editor, many pre-made templates, powerful A/B testing, and the ability to create some of the most complex sales funnels today with multiple steps and notable features like upsells and down sells.

LeadPages offers high-converting landing pages and sites, lead generation training, and conversion tools. Most importantly, it specialises on landing pages. You get over 250 landing page templates fully optimised for conversions, search, and mobile access. You can also customise the pages, get access to resources and tech support, if needed.

2. Landing Page Creation

LeadPages has a landing page builder and landing page templates. You can try the landing page builder for free, selecting a style you love, customising it, and publishing it. LeadPages claims to offer the fastest landing page speeds (faster than the industry average). The pages also work for all kinds of businesses, niches, and products/services. Most importantly, you’ll get a virtual AI assistant to guide you.

ClickFunnels also offers highly customizable landing pages made to reduce distractions and generate leads fast. ClickFunnels offers landing pages that nurture your audience, allowing them to trust you easily and buy without resistance. Most importantly, you have a variety of tools to guide you through the process and can even create a beautiful website while at it. Clickfunnels also has an editor that allows you to drag and drop features as you like. If you need really complex landing pages, ClickFunnels is the way to go.

3. Email Marketing Integration 

Clickfunnels can easily create & send emails, allowing you to connect with audiences, boost engagement and sales. There’s no need for a 3rd party email provider, you get premium email deliverability support and automated email sequencing. What’s more, while Clickfunnels 2.0 has its very own email marketing platform, integration with 3rd party providers is possible. 

LeadPages promises a 4,400% ROI for email marketing and 3x email subscription rates. You can also connect your site landing pages to any preferred email marketing platform like MailChimp. LeadPages doesn’t have built-in email marketing but integrates with popular email marketing platforms.

Pricing Structure Comparison 

A. ClickFunnels Pricing 

1. Different Pricing Tiers and Their Features 

Clickfunnels has a 14-day free trial and three main plans namely;

i. Basic ($147 monthly): Supports 1 website, 20 funnels, three users, one domain, and up to 10,000 contacts. Other features include unlimited pages/courses/workflows/email sequences/products/services.

ii. Pro ($197 monthly): Supports one website, 100 funnels, five users, three domains, and up to 25,000 contacts. This plan also has all the features of the basic plans, including analytics and API access. 

iii. Funnel Hacker ($297 monthly): Supports three websites, unlimited funnels, 9 domains, 15 users, up to 200,000 contacts, and all other features in lesser plans.

ClickFunnels Pricing

2. Any Hidden Costs or Limitations 

Clickfunnels doesn’t offer unlimited users. Domains are also restricted to 9 for the pro plan. It’s also cheaper to pay yearly.

B. LeadPages Pricing 

1. Pricing Plans Offered by Leadpages 

LeadPages also has a 14-day free trial and three main plans namely;

i. Standard plan ($49 monthly): Comes with a drag-and-drop landing page builder, up to 10,000 AI engine credits monthly, AI engine headlines and images, conversion tools, 250+ landing page templates (optimised), 90+ integrations, one custom domain, and unlimited traffic/leads.

ii. Pro plan ($99 monthly): Comes with all features in the standard plan, more AI engine credits (30,000), more domains (3 custom domains), and eCommerce. 

iii. Advanced plan (custom pricing): Price is custom based on business needs. Plan comes with everything in lesser plans plus unlimited AI engine credits, 50 custom domains, advanced integrations, eCommerce, multiple blogs, and dedicated success coach.

LeadPages Pricing 

2. Any Hidden Costs or Limitations 

You only get a dedicated success coach with the advanced plan. It’s cheaper to pay yearly.

C. Cost Comparison between ClickFunnels and LeadPages 

1. Which Platform Offers Better Value for Different Business Sizes 

LeadPages appears to be cheaper. However, considering their advanced plan isn’t priced yet it appears to offer the best features, it may not be cheaper than ClickFunnels after all. Even if that’s not the case, ClickFunnels offers more features and isn’t limited to landing pages, making the higher pricing justifiable. 

All-in-all, it can depend on a user’s preferences. If you want landing pages only for a small to medium-sized business, LeadPages may have a case. However, ClickFunnels has been designed for all kinds of businesses and needs, including those who wish to create the most sophisticated sales funnels imaginable.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

ClickFunnels integrates perfectly with many tools, from CRM to email marketing, payment gateway, webinar, fulfilment, and other tools. Clickfunnels may be a platform on its own, but it still integrates with many leading tools.

LeadPages also stands out in regard to integration and compatibility. However, Clickfunnels appears to offer wider integration that may not necessarily be available with LeadPages i.e., Zapier and Google Analytics. The same applies to compatibility. Both have impressive compatibility, but Clickfunnels offers additional features.

Support and Training Comparison

All platforms have 24/7 support, training, and documentation. However, Clickfunnels has superior training (webinars and a robust online community).

User Experience Comparison

1. User Interface and Ease of Use for Beginners 

Regarding usability, ClickFunnels and LeadPages both have usability features like pre-made optimised templates and drag-and-drop editors. However, ClickFunnels is perfect for both beginners and sophisticated users looking for complex sales funnels.

2. Learning Curve for Both Platforms 

ClickFunnels may have a more challenging learning curve. However, this is only for persons looking to create highly complex sales funnels that stand out among millions of sites today. What’s more, there are countless resources and 24/7 support.

3. User Reviews and Feedback

On trusted review sites like Trustpilot, LeadPages has a 4.3/5 stars rating out of 340+ reviews, while ClickFunnels has a 4.5/5 stars rating out of 2100+ reviews. This simply means ClickFunnels is ranked higher and by more people. The same is true for Google reviews. Overall, customer feedback shows that ClickFunnels is the better platform.

leadpages review ratings
clickfunnels rating


There you go! We’ve discussed the clickfunnels vs leadpages differences and similarities above. The above clickfunnel and leadpages review compares the main factors. While Clickfunnels stands out as the better platform in many aspects, LeadPages is a great platform for those looking for a cheaper alternative and a landing page-focused platform.

Those looking for worthy alternatives to leadpages or the best leadpages competitor should consider Clickfunnels first. However, it’s advisable to take advantage of the 14-day free trial for both platforms to see which one works better for your business needs before making a final decision. 

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