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Troubleshooting Guide: Why Is Your Google Review Not Showing Up?

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Fix Google Review Not Showing Up

Google reviews appear on Google Search next to your Google Business profile. They also appear on Google Maps. You need Google reviews to provide your potential site visitors with useful information about your business.

Most people on the internet use Google to find information. They check Google reviews to decide whether they should do business with you or not. The importance of having your Google reviews showing can’t, therefore, be overlooked. What if you have set up a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) and collected reviews, but they aren’t showing? What could be the issue?

Possible Reasons for Google Reviews Not Showing

There are four main reasons behind Google review display problems. The most common reasons include;

I. Technical Glitches

While technical issues are rare, Google isn’t immune to glitches, especially with its review system. When glitches or system errors occur, reviews may fail to show temporarily or display incorrectly. However, such glitches are temporary and rectified quickly when you notify Google’s support team.

II. Review Guideline Violations

Your reviews could also be missing due to violations. Google has strict policies that must be followed with reviews. Fake reviews, spam reviews, and reviews with inappropriate language are flagged automatically. The same applies to unfair or malicious reviews left by competitors. Google removes millions of online reviews yearly due to these review policy violations and many others. 

III. Review Filtering

Reviews could also be missing due to the review filtering system that automatically identifies suspicious reviews and separates those reviews from legitimate reviews. Review filtering is an automated backend process that isn’t visible to searchers. It is triggered by many factors, including multiple reviews originating from one IP address. 

Multiple reviews for one business can also trigger review filtering, and such customer reviews will disappear. Other occasions where review filtering may come into play include excessive use of certain words. Any reviews deemed “suspect” won’t show and count in the overall reviewing score.

IV. Delay in Review Approval

In many cases, a business owner can request Google to remove a specific review due to reasons such as false information, violation of Google’s policies, use of offensive language, hate speech, explicit content, reviews containing personal attacks, etc. While Google is reviewing such matters, the affected reviews usually disappear pending a final decision.

There may be other reasons why your Google reviews aren’t showing, such as when a business listing changes or search algorithms get updated. However, the above reasons are the most common.

Troubleshooting and Solutions:Fix Google Review Not Showing Up 

Now that you understand the reasons behind Google review display problems, let’s shift our focus to troubleshooting the issues.

1. Technical Troubleshooting 

Assuming your problem is technical, follow the three steps below;

· Clear browser cache and cookies 

Temporary browser data storage may be the reason your browser isn’t loading pages properly. This problem can be solved by clearing browser cache and cookies. The precise way to do this will vary depending on the browser in question. However, the option is usually in the settings.

· Check for browser extensions or ad-blockers causing issues 

If you have ad-blockers activated in your browser, they may interfere with how things (including reviews) are displayed. The same applies to extensions. Check the most recent extension or ad-blocker additions that may be responsible for display issues.

· Try accessing reviews from a different device or browser 

If the above remedies don’t work, consider using another browser and see if your reviews are visible.

2. Review Guidelines Adherence 

Search engine review guidelines may be to blame. If you suspect this is the case, do the following;

· Review your reviews for any violations 

Familiarize yourself with Google’s policies and check reviews individually for any violations. While Google won’t explicitly notify you, they send notifications when they remove a review or when there is an issue.

· Edit or remove any inappropriate content 

If a notification is indicative of a problem, editing or removing reviews or review-related content can solve the problem.

3. Patience with Review Approval 

As mentioned, the review process takes time. Here’s what you should do in the meantime;

· Wait for Google’s moderation process to complete 

You’ll need to wait for Google to complete their process. 

· Contact Google support if the delay seems excessive 

If the wait is too long, you can contact Google support to explain or expedite the matter.

4. Encouraging Positive Reviews 

Assuming you are getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, what should you do?

· Provide excellent service to encourage more positive reviews 

Purposing to offer exemplary services is a proven way to get more positive feedback. 

· Remind satisfied customers to leave reviews 

Considering happy clients may not review you because of many reasons i.e., they are in a hurry, don’t know where to go, etc., you can remind them to review you and make it easy for them to do so.

5. Addressing Filtered Reviews 

What if your reviews have disappeared due to filtering? What should you do?

· Encourage customers to complete their profiles on Google 

Well, you can deal with common problems linked to filtering i.e., suspected spam reviews, by telling those who review you to complete their profiles.

· Respond to reviews to build credibility and engagement 

It also helps to respond to reviews (especially negative reviews) to increase trust and credibility.


Google reviews have notable benefits for any business keen on benefiting from Google traffic. We’ve discussed the main reasons why reviews may stop showing and the solutions for such issues. While there’s more to troubleshooting Google reviews, the above information may be all you need to set up and manage Google reviews perfectly. 


How Long Does It Take for Google Reviews to Show Up? 

It depends! If the reviews are flagged automatically, the process can take hours to days. If the reviews violate Google policies, they won’t ever be displayed. Reviews that fall in line with Google’s policies (whether they are positive or negative) can show up instantly.

Can’t See Google Reviews on Mobile? What is the Problem?

It may be a browser-related issue. If the reviews are on your site, it may be because your site isn’t responsive.

Can Businesses Hide Google Reviews? 

No! However, it is possible to “bury” a negative review by seeking many 5 star ratings. What’s more, negative reviews that violate Google’s policies can be reported and removed.

Are Google Reviews Permanent?

No. Whoever leaves a review can edit it. Also, reviews that violate Google’s policies can be removed.

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