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Instagram Models for Brands to Work With (2023)

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Instagram Models for Brands to work with

72% of all marketers on social media used Instagram to run influencer marketing campaigns in 2022. Research also shows that Instagram is the leading influencer platform for fashion. In the U.S., for instance, Instagram and Facebook are the best social media platforms for learning about fashion, discovering and buying fashion apparel/products. 

51% of Instagram users have admitted to buying fashion apparel/products after seeing it on their social media feeds. It’s, therefore, understandable why brands in the fashion space would want to look for influencers on Instagram. But who should you work with? Which Instagram models are currently the best for brands to work with or follow for inspiration? Let’s find out;

28 Hottest Instagram Models to Follow

There’s no shortage of IG models. However, when it comes to fashion, looks “carry the day”. Here are our top pics. This list includes the hottest Asian Instagram models, hottest male models, hottest black Instagram models, hottest male models Instagram and everything in between.

1. Viki Odintcova (5.1 million followers)

Odintcova is a Russian influencer, model, and social media personality with over 5.1 million followers as of May 2023. She stands out for her modeling pictures which she loves posting on Instagram. Viki managed to amass most of her Instagram following for her work for different magazines like Sports Illustrated, Playboy, and Maxim.

instagram models female

2. Ashley Graham (20.7 million followers)

Ashley Graham is an established American model and TV personality. She has 20.7 million followers (as of May 2023). She gained recognition initially when working as a plus-size model. She is now a body positivity advocate. The mother of three is known for provocative posts that may feature brands she promotes.

instagram models

3. Yodit Yemane (1.2 million followers)

Yodit Yemane is a famous U.S. model with over 1.2 million Instagram followers as of May 2023. She rose to fame for collaborating with Fashion Nova as well as her work on PrettyLittleThing. When Yemane isn’t working as a social media model or TV personality, she enjoys traveling the world.

Yodit Yemane

4. Emily Ratajkowski (30 million followers)

Ratajkowski is yet another U.S. model and actress. She has 30 million followers on Instagram (as of May 2023). Ratajkowski became famous after her work on Maroon 5’s music video dubbed “Love Somebody” back in 2012 and Robin Thicke’s 2013 video, “Blurred Lines”.

Emily Ratajkowski

5. Demi Rose (20.2 million followers)

Demi Rose boasts 20.2 million followers on Instagram as of May 2023. The British Instagram model rose to fame on Myspace way before joining Instagram. She has been featured as a model many times, including in DJ Khaled’s song dubbed “How Many Times” and magazines like WorldStarHipHop and FHM. Demi Rose is also an ambassador for UK-based fashion brand PrettyLittleThing.

top instagram models

6. Sommer Ray (25.7 million followers)

Sommer Ray is a U.S. fitness bikini model with over 25 million Instagram followers as of May 2023. She is also a YouTube star. Ray has won many fitness and bodybuilding competitions, making her one of the most accomplished sought-after  fitness bikini models on social media today.

instagram fitness models

7. Courtney Tailor (2 million followers)

Courtney Tailor is a popular fitness influencer. Tailor has over 2 million Instagram followers as of May 2023. She is also popular on Only Fans and is known for her revealing clothing. She rose to fame after appearing in G-Eazy’s hit music video “Me, Myself & I”. She’s also been featured in several movies. Tailor is currently facing 2nd-degree murder charges in the killing Christian Obumseli in 2022 (her boyfriend at the time).

popular fitness influencer

8. Bella Hadid (~59 million followers)

Bella Hadid is a popular American fashion model with 58.9 million followers on Instagram as of May 2023. She is best known for gracing runway shows for leading fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret, Dior, and Marc Jacobs. Hadid has also modeled for Sports Illustrated.

popular American fashion model

9. Gigi Hadid (78.5 million followers)

Gigi Hadid is best known as an international supermodel. Her Instagram has over 78.5 million followers (as of May 2023). She first started modeling as a toddler for Baby Guess at the age of two. In 2011, she signed with renowned modeling agency IMG Models before changing careers in 2013. Hadid has worked on many high fashion editorials and campaigns and is seen as a highly influential social media personality in the space.

hottest instagram models

10. Ireland Baldwin (674K followers)

Ireland E. Baldwin is a renowned American fashion model. She has 674k followers on Instagram as of May 2023. She first appeared in the limelight as an actor in Grudge Match film in 2013. She has also featured in many magazines like Grazia.

Ireland Baldwin

11. Myesha Boulton (1.1 million followers)

Myesha Boulton is an American Instagram star. She is also among the richest youngest Instagram influencers with a NetWorth of over $9 million, all earned as a professional Instagram star. She doubles up as a model and a brand ambassador who utilizes her platform to showcase her modeling photos.

Myesha Boulton

12. Bernice Burgos (7.1 million followers)

Bernice Burgos is a well-known model for many notable appearances, including starring in hip-hop videos and many magazine covers. Bernice also has a thriving clothing line established in 2017. She has over 7 million Instagram followers.

well-known instagram model

13. Georgina Rodriguez (49.5 million followers)

The last female Instagram model in this list is Georgina Rodriguez – girlfriend to renowned football star Christiano Ronaldo. Georgina has 49.5 million followers on Instagram. Besides dating the biggest football star, Georgina is a model and influencer with her own brand. She models and works with many fashion brands globally, among them being Italian luxury label Elisabetta Franchi.

Spanish social media influencer and model

14. Christiano Ronaldo (588 million followers)

Christiano Ronaldo may be a footballer, but he also doubles up as an Instagram model and the most popular for that matter. Ronaldo has his own fashion brand dubbed CR7. He also works with many other brands, among them being Nike and Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer. Ronaldo has 588 million Instagram followers as of June 2023

Christiano Ronaldo

15. David Beckham (79.3 million followers)

Beckham is another renowned football star in our list. He has 79.3 million followers on Instagram and happens to be one of the highest-paid Instagram stars. Beckham models watches and apparel on Instagram for brands like Tudor watches and Adidas, respectively.

David Beckham

16. Jon Kortajarena (4 million followers)

Kortajarena is a renowned Spanish Instagram fashion model with over 4 million followers as of May 2023. He has worked with many global brands, among them being Versace, Etro, Mangano, Just Cavalli, and Lagerfeld. 

Spanish Instagram fashion model

17. David Gandy (1 million followers)

David Gandy is an English fashion model with a million followers on Instagram. He has modeled for many companies, including Hugo Boss, H&M, Massimo Dutti, Russell and Bromley, Gant U.S.A, and many others. Gandy began his male fashion modeling career in a TV model search competition.

English fashion model

18. Johannes Huebl (1.1 million followers)

Johannes Huebl is a male German model. Johannes also doubles up as a designer and photographer. He began as a photographer for Scene Magazine NY before transitioning to a model and designer. Johannes has over 1.1. Million Instagram followers as of May 2023. 

male German model

19. Matthew Noszka (1.1 million followers)

Noszka is among the leading American male models on Instagram today. He has worked for Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Nike, as well as featured in many films and TV shows, amassing 1.1 million Instagram followers in the process.

American male models on Instagram

20. Nick Bateman (6 million followers)

Canadian model, Nick Bateman, also deserves a spot in our list of the top hottest Instagram models to follow. He has 6 million followers on Instagram (as of May 2023). When Bateman isn’t modeling, he is either acting or producing music.

Canadian model

21. Lucky Blue Smith (2.8 million followers)

Lucky Blue is a leading American fashion model. He started modeling at age 12 for an international modeling agency. Smith is known for his platinum blond hair, which doubled up as his signature look for years. He has been featured in numerous magazine covers and fashion campaigns, including Tom Ford. He has 2.8 million followers on Instagram as of May 2023.

male models instagram

22. Neels (2.2 million followers)

Neels Visser is another male American model on our list. He also doubles up as an actor, businessman, and social media star. Neels is renowned as one of the few Instagram stars that have their own online design store – Living Regal.

male American model

23. Tyson Beckford (687 K followers)

Tyson is a top Jamaican male model despite being over 50 years old. He is one of the most sought-after black Instagram models to date, having modeled for numerous brands and featured in many films, among them being Supermodel, Zoolander, and Biker Boys. However, he is most recognized for being the face of the fragrance brand Polo Sports. Tyson Beckford has over 686k followers as of May 2023.

top Jamaican male model

24. Mario Rodriguez (1 million followers)

Mario is one of the most inspiring Instagram success stories. Unlike many IG models in this list, Mario attests his success solely to his Instagram account posts. His dedication on IG has earned him a dedicated following of over a million people. Formerly an entertainment promoter, Mario Rodriguez is now a successful IG model. 

successful IG model

25. Andrea Melchiorre (984k followers)

Andrea Melchiorre, one of the top Italian fashion influencers and models, has almost a million followers on IG as of May 2023. He isn’t a stranger to runways, having been featured countless times, the most notable being New York Fashion Week. Andrea has a unique style and attitude that has earned him collaborations with big fashion brands. His IG is a collection of style ideas, modeling shots, and travel posts.

Italian fashion blogger and model

26. Andrea Denver (1.2 million followers)

Andrea Denver is another successful Italian male IG model to follow on this list. He represents many notable agencies and is quite successful at it, given his vibrant one million+ following. Andrea’s chiseled body has earned him modeling gigs with Hugo Boss Underwear, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, and many other top fashion brands. He has also featured in music videos for notable entertainers like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. 

Italian male IG model

27. Andre Hamann (947k followers)

Hamann is an established German male model on IG with striking looks that have earned him top modeling jobs with Hugo Boss, Vogue, and Calvin Klein, among other top fashion brands. Hamann also has his own unique fashion brand dubbed “Haze & Glory”. He has almost a million IG followers. 

German male model on IG

28. Sean O’Pry (684k followers)

Sean O’Pry is an American model who was discovered at age 17 years. As per Forbes Magazine (2017), he was among the highest-paid male models. Sean has worked with many respected brands, among them being Armani and Calving Klein. He has also featured in music videos such as Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild. Sean has 684k IG followers as of May 2023.

highest-paid male model

How to Find Instagram Models Easily

The above list covers the hottest Instagram models you should consider following. If you are a digital marketer searching for top Instagram models to work with, you can consider the list above, especially if you are searching for macro influencers and mega influencers with over 100,000 followers. 

Considering influencer statistics indicate that you can get a better ROI on your influencer marketing budget with micro-influencers and nano influencers (with 1,000 to 100,000 followers), you can find Instagram models in this category and still run successful marketing campaigns. But how do you find Instagram models easily, especially when there are so many with 1000 to 100,000 followers? 

Well, there are good influencer discovery and tracking tools you can use, like Collabstr. Such tools can help you find the perfect male Instagram models, female Instagram models, Asian Instagram models, black Instagram models, and any other category or metric that suits your brand. Instead of searching aimlessly for hours on IG, simply enter the fashion/model keyword, niche, or category you want on Collabstr and click search to find and hire Instagram modeling influencers in seconds.

Collabstr influencer marketplace


Research indicates that Instagram is the leading influencer marketing platform today for models. This explains why brands in the fashion/modeling space flock to IG to find models to follow for inspiration and/or work with. We’ve listed the hottest Instagram models to follow and given suggestions on how you can find your own nano, micro, to macro Instagram model influencer for your brand via tools like Collabstr.

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