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PayPal Shipping: How To Ship Using PayPal

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PayPal Shipping Review

To survive in the eCommerce industry, you need to go beyond setting up an online store. You must offer the best payment options i.e. Afterpay for people who want to pay in installments. To boost revenue, you need to consider upselling, cross-selling, and social proof i.e., Google Reviews, to make it easier for potential customers to trust and buy from you.

You also need to think about shipping. The best online stores have unmatched shipping experiences characterized by great pricing and little to no delays. Other shipping policies are also favorable. Considering studies show that 70% of online shoppers would gladly abandon their carts due to high shipping costs and slow delivery, the importance of getting shipping right can’t be overlooked. 

This is precisely why below we have provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide to using one of the most efficient eCommerce shipping methods for eCommerce businesses i.e., PayPal Shipping. 

What is PayPal Shipping? 

PayPal Shipping can be defined as a shipping solution that has been integrated with ShipStation (shipping software offering eCommerce fulfillment) to simplify the shipping processes for online store owners. PayPal Shipping allows merchants to create as well as print shipping labels, choose select services from carriers, and track their shipments.

PayPal Shipping Benefits

PayPal Shipping Station integration enhances the entire shipping experience by providing;

1. Lower costs: You stand to get discount shipping rates from PayPal’s partnerships with shipping services.

2. Streamlining order management: PayPal Shipping offers seamless shipping for customers. As mentioned, you can buy shipping labels via your PayPal account, print them, affix to packages, and hand them over to your carrier for shipping. What’s more, all shipments are managed in one place, and you can track multiple package types simultaneously via PayPal. 

3. Boosting customer satisfaction: A streamlined order management system and lower shipping cost means less cost and little to no shipping delays. This, in turn, increases the number of happy customers. The ability to customize and print shipping slips also means customers get some level of personalized service, which boosts satisfaction.

4. Saves time: PayPal Shipping means less time wasted on shipping paperwork.

5. Global service: You can ship goods to any corner of the world with PayPal Shipping.

How To Setting Up Your PayPal Business Account

Now that you can define PayPal Shipping, it’s time to get started. First, you need a PayPal Business account. You can set up one from scratch or upgrade your existing PayPal account. 

Creating a PayPal Business Account

Step 1: Go to PayPal and Sign Up 


Step 2: Follow the Simple Steps

Creating a PayPal business account is as simple as following the simple instructions. PayPal generally requires business registration information, legal representative information, business license, and related business information. 

sign up PayPal Business Account

PayPal may also need to know more about your business. What’s more, you’ll need to certify that you are offering correct information.

Step 3: Submit and Finish

You’ll need to verify your email address to complete setting up your PayPal Business account. Other tasks will also be required i.e., linking your bank account. 

Upgrading Existing PayPal Account to a PayPal Business Account

It may be easier simply upgrading your existing PayPal account. To do this, simply log in to PayPal and head over to the “Account” tab > Account Options.

There’s an option to upgrade your current account into a business account, as shown below;

Upgrading Existing PayPal Account to a PayPal Business Account

Benefits of Using a PayPal Business Account for Shipping

You may be wondering why you should bother using a PayPal Business account for shipping. Well, you stand to enjoy notable benefits like;

1. Low cost/discounts: PayPal business accounts can send/receive payments electronically with no fees.

2. Ability to trade: You can also buy/sell goods/services with ease.

3. Tools: PayPal business accounts also get access to notable business tools like profit tracking, inventory tracking, payment tracking, label printing, invoicing, 24/7 customer support, subscription services, and more.

You’ll need to know how to create and print shipping labels in PayPal to get things started. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it;

Step 1: Head to PayPal Shipping link

Login to your PayPal Account. Use this PayPal Shipping link

Step 2: Proceed and Enter Address Information

Click ship to address. 

ship to address

Step 3: Create Shipping Label

Fill in shipping information i.e., shipping carrier name (i.e., UPS, USPS), service type (i.e., priority mail express, first-class mail, etc.), package size/weight, and additional details i.e., to display postage on label, etc. To ensure accuracy, confirm the recipient information and enter all fields carefully.

Create paypal Shipping Label

Step 4: Calculate Shipping Cost

Once you click on calculate shipping, you’ll get a shipping cost, as shown below. Click confirm and pay. Payment will be via your PayPal balance or a linked account.

Calculate paypal Shipping Cost

Step 5: Print Shipping Label

You’ll be redirected to a page where you can print your shipping label. Print it and let the carrier to send your package with shipping label to your customer.

Print Shipping Label

Tracking Shipments and Notifications

If you create a shipping label via PayPal, your PayPal a/c will get a notification with the shipment details, such as the tracking number. Your PayPal a/c will also notify the customer automatically and send shipment details via mail.

However, for automatic notifications to be sent to customers, you must check the “email note to customer” checkbox when creating a shipping label as shown below.

Tracking Shipments and Notifications

Orders can also be tracked via the orders page.

Handling Returns and Refunds

Returns and exchanges via PayPal Shipping are on autopilot. PayPal has tasked Happy Returns to handle returns in a flexible way. Most importantly, returns and exchanges are free if via PayPal checkout.

With Happy Returns, everything is tailored for your brand, from return reasons to button colors and confirmation messages. There are also exchange options, real-time tracking, and more.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

As mentioned, the importance of being keen when creating PayPal shipping labels can’t be overlooked. However, errors can happen. For instance, there can be errors creating labels for shipment. If you use order fulfillment services like Shipstation, you can head over to their help center to troubleshoot PayPal shipping-related issues. An order fulfillment service is the best way to deal with common PayPal Shipping issues.


Shipping is an integral part of the success of an eCommerce store. Ideally, shipping should be cheap or free. It should also be timely with a seamless returns and refunds process. Luckily, PayPal Shipping has all these aspects and more. Our guide above should help you integrate PayPal Shipping as your preferred shipping solution. We’ve answered everything from how to ship with PayPal to handling common shipping problems.


When Is PayPal’s “Return Shipping on Us” Program Ending? 

Since 27th November 2022, PayPal hasn’t been offering return shipping labels or accepting refund requests for shipping costs for returns.

How to Change Shipping Address on PayPal? 

Simply log into your PayPal a/c and click on your profile then info. Proceed and click “update” on the address section. Enter a new address and save your changes.

What Is the Link to PayPal Shipping Labels?

You can access the link on the “orders page”. Click order number on the “ready to ship” tab. Alternatively, head over to your PayPal a/c and click the menu next to your order. Select print shipping label. 

How Do I See my PayPal Shipping Label?

As mentioned, you can see the label by clicking the menu adjacent to the order in question and selecting print shipping label.

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