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White Labeling GoHighLevel SaaS: A Comprehensive Guide

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White Labeling GoHighLevel SaaS

Gohighlevel is an all-in-one solution for lead generation, marketing automation, and CRM. The platform has comprehensive tools that capture leads, nurture them, and close them. There’s everything a digital marketing agency owner would need, from creating complex funnels for advertising to managing customer relationships and automating many operational aspects of online businesses. One unique feature that stands out with Gohighlevel is white labeling. Here’s more on this;

What is White Labeling in SaaS?

In the simplest terms, white labeling in SaaS refers to the ability to rebrand, reprice, and resell software as your own for a profit, creating an income stream in the process.

Advantages And Benefits of White Labeling Saas Products

Branding is among the most notable benefits of white label software. You get a fast and impressive route to getting your name in front of your target market. A brand comes with benefits like creating trust and credibility.

White label software also saves time. You don’t need to build software from scratch. You avoid the time-consuming process, which is also tedious and expensive. 

White label software also gives you access to high-quality products. Third-party developers take time to make high-quality software that many companies will willingly buy.

White labeling also eliminates the risk associated with software development.

What is White Labeling in SaaS

Cost for the GoHighLevel White-Label Desktop App 

Gohighlevel has a special White Label plan (as an optional add-on) for those who opt for the unlimited plan. The plan costs $497 per month, which is in addition to the unlimited plan’s $297 cost monthly.

You may be wondering if this plan is worth it or not. Well, if you want your agency to offer more value, white label could do this and give you a competitive advantage. The plan gives you the power to use GoHighlevel software as your own, transforming your agency into a SaaS company as well. 

Get your very own branded desktop and mobile app and offer your clients all GoHighLevel services under your own brand. Most importantly, you can have unlimited accounts with the White label plan, which creates a huge earning potential.

How to Set Up Gohighlevel White-label Desktop App

If you like the benefits and you’re ok with the cost, it’s time to check out how you can set up your very own while label desktop app with Gohighlevel.

The White Label desktop application allows you to use your own branding and offer your clients a better experience. Among the services you can offer clients (under your brand) include a website and funnels (for Facebook & Google advertising, social media management, and email marketing).  

Assuming you use the app to offer clients social media management and access to a social media calendar, you can make it possible for them to schedule social media posts. This tool makes it possible to have an app without hiring developers. 

Setting up White Label app is simple. Do the following;

Step 1: Add CNAME record (from your DNS provider). This should be directed to The process varies depending on your hosting platform. You can contact your provider to assist if needed. 

Step 2: Sign into your Gohighlevel account>settings>agency settings>White Label Domain, as shown below.

Setting up White Label app

Step 3: Add your domain under white label domain and your agency’s logo under Settings/Company>Company Logo.

Step 4: Update terms and conditions and other company details as you see fit. 

Step 5: Complete. Congratulations. Once DNS propagation is complete, you can now access your updated white label domain and app.

How to Setup White Label Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android). 

Please note you need the pro plan to access Gohighlevel white label mobile app service($497/month) from the Marketplace before you start the process of setting up White Label App. An enrolment fee is also applicable. 

White Label iPhone App

Step 1: Apple Developer Account

Before you can publish any app for Apple iOS devices, you must have a developer account. Enrolment fees apply ($99 annually). However, some organizations can enjoy FREE membership i.e., non-profits. You can check for more on eligibility.

Step 2: Registration

Visit this link to enroll. Remember to create an Apple ID reflecting your business name, if you have a personal ID already.

Step 3: Select Entity Type

Read the developer agreement and choose a preferred entity (preferably organization) that will become your developer name. 

Step 4: Input Contact Information, Pay and Confirm

Finish by providing contact information and paying.

White Label iPhone App

Once you verify your email, you are officially an apple developer. In case of any issues, call Apple support on 1-800-633-2152.

White Label Mobile (Android) App

You need a Google Developer a/c to upload your Android app. Costs are lower than for Apple apps at $25. As mentioned, it’s better to have a separate account for this.

Step 1: Register for Android Developer Account

Visit this Google Play Console link.

Step 2: Follow the Registration Steps

Proceed and complete the steps and pay. You’ll need to provide billing information to complete the process.

White Label Mobile (Android) App

Marketing Your White-Labeled GoHighLevel 

It’s not enough to have your own white-labeled Gohighlevel app. You need to market it. Luckily, Gohighlevel has a mobile app promotion tool that will assist you when promoting your apps to sub-accounts. 

It is possible to make download links, and there are many use cases to consider, from consistent branding (across franchisees) to enhancing client engagement and adding value to clients, like offering the ability to manage campaigns. Gohighlevel support portal has detailed information on how to promote your app. 

Making Your White Label Zapier Connection Public

You need a platform like Zapier for your white labeled apps to communicate with other different apps instantaneously for automated workflows. A Zapier and gohighlevel integration allows you numerous automated tasks from lead capturing to updating contacts and more. 

Step 1: Go to agency view>marketplace

Step 2: Pay. Cost starts at $50 per month for Zapier White Label app.

Step 3: Contact a white label account manager to make your white Label Zap public.

The process involves setting up API for client, initial triggering and removing errors, reviewing, and post review. It can take two weeks to set up everything. As a user, you need over 50 live users for Zap to move from beta to public.

Setup GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

Activating SaaS mode is as simple as going to your agency a/c>settings>stripe integration and connecting your account. Saas model allows you (the agency) to resell platform features and tools to clients, eliminating local software installation. Here are more GoHighLevel SaaS Mode details to consider.


There you go. We’ve covered the most important aspects of white labeling gohighlevel SaaS. There are many benefits you stand to gain from having your own brand to creating an income stream from your very own apps and SaaS. Using this guide, you should be able to do all gohighlevel white Label tasks, from creating your own desktop and mobile apps to marketing your app and connecting Zapier.

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