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What’s AI Video Generator? Best AI Video Creator for Video Marketing

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Best AI Video Generator

The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 made AI applications mainstream. While AI was there before, ChatGPT showed the world what it really means to use AI powered tools to do seemingly complex tasks. AI video generators are among the leading applications of artificial intelligence today.

What is AI Video Generator?

AI video generators are simply AI powered apps that transform written text into videos. Most of these tools just need a user to input the right prompt (text instructions), and the AI video generator will create a video using that text. The applications eliminate the tedious work of shooting and editing marketing videos from scratch.

Benefits of AI Video Generators

There are several notable pros of AI video generators. They include;

A. Improved Efficiency and Time-saving Advantages

Since AI video generators automate video creation tasks like scripting, shooting, voice-over, and editing, they eliminate the time spent by humans to do these tasks. What’s more, the video generators hardly make mistakes making the video creation process more efficient.

B. Cost-effectiveness Compared to Traditional Video Production Methods

AI video generators cost a fraction of what it takes to set up a video production team. AI video generators can create videos in seconds from simple inputs eliminating or reducing overreliance and costs associated with human staff.

C. Enhanced Scalability and Ability to Produce Large Volumes of Videos

The low cost of video products makes scalability easy. It’s possible for a person to run a video production company that produces hundreds of videos every month that can then be used for digital marketing, among other tasks.

D. Customization and Personalization Options for Targeted Marketing

The best AI video generators come with advanced features that allow you to brand your videos and make just about any change you wish to create videos that match your brand.

E. High-quality Videos

This benefit is reserved for the best AI-powered video generators. AI video software trained on extensive datasets produce high quality videos that aren’t just visually appealing but engaging. In many cases, the videos are indistinguishable from those made by human editors

5 Popular AI Video Generator Tools for Ecommerce Business

As mentioned, you need the best AI video generation tools available today to make high-quality eCommerce videos that will have real impact. Below is a summary of the best AI video creators in 2023;

1. Synthesia

ai text to video generator

Synthesia is undoubtedly one of the leading AI powered video generators of 2023. The AI video generation platform can create professional videos in record time (15 minutes) and comes with notable features like 140+ avatars to choose from and 120 languages. 

Most importantly, you can make a FREE AI video without submitting a credit card. This makes Synthesia a free ai video generator, initially. Synthesia is trusted by 50,000+ companies, including Reuters, PWC and Xerox, among many others. AI video creation pricing plans start from $30 monthly.

2. Pictory

ai video generator

Pictory is another leading AI video creation platform for short, branded videos. This platform stands out for converting long-form content into videos in a fast, easy, and cost-effective manner. You don’t need any technical video creation skills to get started. Try out this ai video generator from text for free. Pictory also has a FREE pricing plan that doesn’t require a credit card.

3. Hour One

ai video generator from text

Hour One also stands out as an AI video generator for businesses. The platform can create videos in a record 10 minutes or less from text prompts. There are over 100 video templates to choose from and hundreds of human presenters. The platform is trusted by many global brands. Hour One can be used for product tutorials, marketing, news, corporate announcements, and more. There are 200+ accents and 60+ languages. You can even use your own voice and take advantage of collaboration tools.

4. Invideo


Invideo is another platform to consider using for publish-worthy AI videos. The platform is trusted by 7 million+ customers globally in over 190 countries. The platform is highly rated on reputable review sites like Trustpilot and Capterra. Invideo is arguably the fastest and easiest way of getting pro-quality videos. The platform has 5,000+ pro templates, single-click shortcuts, 8 million+ stock footage/media, ability to add bespoke graphics, collaboration tools and more.

5. Steve AI

text to video ai

Steve AI stands out as an AI platform for creating animation videos and live-action videos using text prompts. You can also repurpose blog posts into videos, lip-sync AI animated avatars, customise videos, generate 4K videos using a massive asset collection with millions of characters, music and more. Steve AI also has a free plan.

Limitations and Challenges of AI Video Generators

While AI video creation tools offer many benefits discussed above, they come with limitations. The most notable include;

A. Potential Quality Issues and Limitations in Creativity

While many tools are marketed as high-quality tools with millions of templates and customization options, the end-product is not guaranteed. There are potential limitations in creativity and final quality. 

B. Ethical Considerations and Potential Biases

AI tools, including AI chatbots like ChatGPT, have been guilty of bias. This is attributable to the data sets used to train AI models. Since the capabilities of AI models improve as they get access to more data, potential biases are inevitable and related issues like ethics.

C. Legal Aspects, Copyright Concerns, And Intellectual Property Rights

There are also legal concerns linked to AI-platforms. For instance, where do the platforms get data from, and do they need to credit original sources? Since AI platforms need data to improve, there are obvious copyright and intellectual property rights issues.

D. Human Oversight and Ensuring Appropriate Use of Ai-generated Videos

While AI platforms pride themselves in doing everything, there’s an obvious need for the human touch to refine the process and outcome. The best platforms can be used to create inappropriate content. 


We’ve discussed what AI video creators or AI text to video generators are above. We’ve also listed the best text to video ai platforms to use. Lastly, we’ve covered the limitations of these tools today. While AI video generators have notable benefits, you need a great platform to get the best videos. A human touch is also needed to create great videos that offer value.

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