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6 Best AI Product Photo Generators For eCommerce Store

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Thanks to ChatGPT and the generative AI wave, you can now create photos from scratch by simply typing a text prompt into an AI program. Yes! Before AI product photo generators, you needed to use stock photo sites or hire someone to take or create the perfect product photos. Now with the AI Product Photo Generators(even with the ai 3d model generators to create virtual try-on models for clothing store), not anymore!

What Is AI Product Image Generator? 

AI product image generators are simply artificial intelligence-powered programs that utilize powerful deep learning algorithms to create product photos fast from simple text prompts or thousands of templates. For anyone who runs an eCommerce store, this is an incredibly useful piece of software to have and use when compared to traditional options.

Benefits of AI Product Image Generators

ECommerce store owners stand to enjoy many benefits. The most notable include;

1. Zero experts needed: First and foremost, you don’t need a photographer, graphic designer, or any other professional to get stunning photos for your eCommerce store today. The best AI photo generators can create stunning photos with simple text prompts.

2. Promotional benefits: Whether you sell books, products, or services online, you can create stunning promotional images that are proven to create interest and sell a product/service. It’s also possible to create your own AI artwork from scratch and use it to create sellable merchandise designs. 

3. Limitless creativity: There’s hardly any limit to the type of photos you can generate. AI product image generators are limited by your creativity.

4. Inspirational benefits: AI product image generators can also be used for inspiration. If you want unique product photos but lack inspiration, all you need is a text input that includes words like “variation”.

5. Fast and easy: AI product photography software also stands out for speed. You can generate a photo in seconds and modify it with editing tools or produce variations equally fast. It takes minutes to hours, sometimes days, to get photos using traditional methods i.e., hiring graphic designers. AI-generated product photos are fast and have an easy image generation process.

6 Best AI Product Photo Generators for Online Store 

Now that you know the benefits you stand to enjoy when you create product photography with AI, it’s time to discuss the best software around. Remember, since late 2022, hundreds of AI product photography software have been launched. 

However, most aren’t as great as advertised. Here are our top picks if you wish to create perfect images of your product using the best AI software available.

1. Pixelcut

AI product photography

Pixelcut comes highly recommended for those who want to do high-quality AI product photography free of charge. The program is specifically meant for product photography for online stores. Pixelcut is trusted by over 15 million online store owners globally and comes highly reviewed with over 104,800 5-star reviews.

You can generate AI photography from several styles ranging from still life to Christmas, botanical and floral styles. The results are professional, instant, and bound to help you sell more. Most importantly, Pixelcut is easy to use. Simply select a style, upload your product image, and generate multiple product photos.

2. Placeit (for print on demand)

AI-generated Product photos

Placeit is another top AI product photo program to consider. The program makes any print on demand store owner a product photography expert thanks to numerous ready-to-use templates. There are thousands of templates to use for free. Simply choose from the continuously evolving library of mockups, logos, designs, and videos. 

Placeit markets itself as the platform with the largest mockups collection online. Most importantly, all niches are catered for, including gaming design. Placeit has everything you would require for your brand online. However, to enjoy the best out of the platform, you need an unlimited subscription that starts at $9.99 monthly.

3. Ecomtent

create AI-generated product listings

Ecomtent is for AI-generated product listings. Create an entire product listing with infographics, high-quality ai-generated images, and an optimized copy. The platform works in seconds and offers unlimited image downloads. 

The content is also optimized, which improves engagement. Ecomtent is trusted by many notable brands, including Domu brands and NextAI.


Ai product photography software

Booth AI is for creating professional quality product photos using Artificial Intelligence. The program creates high-quality lifestyle photos using simple prompts i.e., “a woman on a street wearing a blazer”. allows you to bring your creativity to life with new original ai-generated images perfect for your creative projects. 

The program is easy to use. Just upload a reference photo, add a suitable prompt, and wait for your stunning images to be created in seconds. Get started with a demo.

5. Snapshot

AI product photo app on Shopify's app store

Snapshot is an AI product photo app on Shopify’s app store. The app was released just recently (May 2023) and is perfect for creating high-converting product photography. Key features and pros include Shopify integration and generating images in seconds. You also save hundreds, if not thousands, in professional image costs. 

The app is also simple to use. Create professional photos with your phone anywhere. The app is free to install. However, you need credits going forward that start from $0.04.

6. CreatorKit

 AI generated product photo program

This is the last AI generated product photo program in this list. You can get free product photos with any background you want without compromising the overall quality of the product. CreatorKit creates accurate images by eliminating blurry labels and shapes. Most importantly, the app integrates with Shopify stores perfectly. Begin with a free trial at $0 per generated image and $0.99 per image, but you only pay for the images you like.


If you have an eCommerce store and/or you are a content creator looking for engaging social media posts, you need great image quality and unique product photos to promote whatever you are selling. The above AI product photo generators are among the best, if not the best, currently. Some are free to use, while others have paid plans. You should select the program/app that best serves you and your business. 

While at it, don’t forget about other aspects of visual content critical for an eCommerce store, like high-quality videos. As you generate AI photos for your site, don’t forget to check out the best AI video software to make great videos equally fast and easy.

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