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How To Create Upsell Emails for Shopify Store

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Create Upsell Emails for Shopify

Once you set up a Shopify store and include upsell apps, your job isn’t done. Besides upsell popups, you need to set upsell emails which are simply emails sent to existing customers to convince them to buy more. 

Upsell emails are mainly about related items or upgrading current offers to higher options i.e., upgrading a service from basic to pro. Below we will explore how to create upsell emails and upsell email campaigns that work. But first things first, why bother?

Why Should You Create Upselling Emails? 

There are many reasons for creating upsell emails. The main ones include;

1. Boost Sales

The most obvious reason is increasing sales. As the name suggests, upselling is about selling more. The intention is to increase the expenditure of existing customers by suggesting products/services they may like or upgrading current plans. An upsell email can easily convince a current customer because they have already bought from you in the past.

2. Boost Customer Loyalty

Upsell emails can also be used to offer exclusive deals to existing customers. Such efforts show existing customers that you value them and are interested in giving them the best value for their money. Exclusive offers are a great way to nurture repeat business and increase customer loyalty.

3. Increased Brand Awareness

Upsell emails can also be used as branding tools. They are a great opportunity to remind existing customers about your brand and the uniqueness of your products/services.

4. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Upsell emails also boost customer engagement. Your existing customers don’t need to jump at every offer you send. However, upsell emails are a great way to keep your clients engaged with your brand and current/new products and services.

Now that you know the main pros of upsell emails, let’s shift our focus to creating the best upsell emails for your Shopify store.

Tips To Write Good Upsell Emails for Ecommerce

Whether you are writing a product recommendation upsell email, trial expiry upsell email, or product launch upsell email, follow the tips below to enjoy unmatched success.

1. Offer custom or personalized recommendations: Upsell emails shouldn’t be based on random recommendations based on guesswork. You should get recommendations based on facts i.e., past buying behavior, customer demographics, etc. If you are using AI-powered upsell apps like CandyRack, you can get the references from the Analytic dashboard of the app and know the products which perform good result. Then add the items to your upselling emails. Most importantly, include irresistible price offers or discounts in the recommendations.

 AI-powered upsell app performance

2. Be subtle: You should also avoid aggressive selling. This is a critical marketing tip that is commonly overlooked in many cases. Customers don’t mind being shown products/services they may be interested in. However, they may get “turned off” by aggressive marketing techniques such as sending multiple campaigns.  

There’s nothing wrong with sending an initial email campaign followed by a few follow-up emails. However, sending multiple emails a day is annoying and counterproductive. You can avoid being pushy by using technology like email tracking tools that tell you if your emails have been opened or not.

3. Make the process seamless: Upsell emails should also be crafted in a manner that makes it incredibly easy to take on offers. For instance, customers who click on offers should be able to checkout in seconds. Most importantly, they should see where to click and be directed straight to the right sales page.

4. Ask for feedback and have social sharing features: Lastly, you need to have a feedback-collecting mechanism embedded in your upsell emails. Just like email popups, you should be able to collect information about the offers you send. Your customers should be able to say if they like/dislike the offer and comment further on their specific reasons to ensure you keep improving your upsell campaigns. 

It also helps to have social sharing features to encourage your customers to share offers with their friends and family members. Social sharing is a great way of making existing customers brand ambassadors. 

5. Use an upselling email template: Lastly, don’t forget to use an upselling email template. It can be very challenging trying to design upsell email campaigns from scratch. Templates give you ideas and make it easy to include everything required to make a campaign successful. 

The best upsell email templates have all there is to ensure success. They save time, create urgency, build rapport, offer media features like post-voicemail emails, which increase response rates, and offer variety in email templates.

upselling email template

3 Best Upsell Email Examples

Now that you know the benefits of upsell emails and some notable tips to consider when writing upsell emails, here are some examples to consider. We mentioned the three main types of upsell email examples above, namely; product recommendation upsell email, trial expiry upsell email, or product launch upsell email. See below upselling email templates representing these examples;

a. Product Launch Upsell Email Example

Below is an upsell email example of a new product (limited edition chocolate) meant for dog owners in the month of August.

Product Launch Upsell Email Example

b. Product Recommendation Upsell Email Example

See below product upsell email example based on Trunki products bought by customers before. The email is offering a discount on similar products purchased before.

Product Recommendation Upsell Email Example

c. Trial Expiry Upsell Email Example

Here’s an upsell email example based on a sale that expires at midnight:

Trial Expiry Upsell Email Example


Upsell emails have numerous benefits, from boosting sales to increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. However, the emails must be set up in a certain manner. For instance, the emails should be highly personalized with useful offers. The emails should also be subtle, with no overselling. The first purchase upsell email can be direct. However, there should be few follow-up emails to avoid annoying existing customers. It also helps to collect feedback and use upsell email templates to make the process simple, fast, and seamless. Crafting an upsell email from scratch can be a daunting task. Luckily, there’s no shortage of email templates. to consider. Consider our examples above on different types of upsell emails to get inspiration and get the process right from the start.

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