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GoHighLevel Snapshot: A Comprehensive Guide to Create, Import & Share

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GoHighLevel Snapshot guide

As more people gain access to the internet, there’s a huge opportunity for online business. Among the leading internet-based businesses today is digital marketing. Many people trying out online businesses need effective ways of marketing their businesses. Online digital marketing agencies are highly sought after today.

However, there have been notable challenges when running digital marketing agencies i.e., getting customers, engaging them, and converting them. Even though there’s high demand for digital marketing services, opening an agency isn’t a guarantee for success. Gohighlevel is a notable solution to this problem.

What’s Gohighlevel?

As an all-in-one CRM and marketing platform, Gohighlevel makes running a digital marketing business very simple. Acquiring and engaging clients is no longer a problem. The platform has many notable features, from marketing and automation tools to special tools for capturing and nurturing leads. 

Other notable features include Gohighlevel snapshots which allows you to recreate multiple accounts on the platform. Check our detailed Gohighlevel review and more on white labeling Gohighlevel.

What Are Snapshots on GoHighLevel?

With Gohighlevel snapshots, you can duplicate as well as import data from other Gohighlevel accounts you have created, making it simple to run multiple client accounts. The feature turns existing client accounts into templates for creating and running new client accounts. 

As the name suggests, you take a “snapshot”, literally of existing client accounts, and import it to other client accounts. You can copy emails, funnels, calendar settings, workflows, surveys, custom communication settings (for reputation management), etc. However, there are limits to what is copied. 

For instance, saved surveys can be copied. However, you only get the custom communication settings (for reputation management). Also, custom fields and values can be copied. However, custom values aren’t copied.

How To Create GoHighLevel Snapshot

Step 1: Setting up Gohighlevel is as simple as visiting the GoHighLevel official website.

What Are Snapshots on GoHighLevel

Step 2: Sign up and enjoy a 14-day free trial that allows you to use Gohighlevel’s features. You’ll need to provide basic information about your business to complete the setup.

Gohighlevel free trial

Step 3: Go to the agency view of one of your client’s accounts and click on settings as shown below;

Gohighlevel settings

Step 4: Click on account snapshot as shown

Gohighlevel account snapshot

Click on “Create New Snapshot”

Create New Snapshot

Step 5: Name your snapshot and specify the client account, then save. Your snapshot will show up as shown below.

Name your snapshot
Create GoHighLevel Snapshot done

How to Share GoHighLevel Snapshots 

Gohighlevel also has snapshot share options, which is simply a tool that reduces the time taken to create sub-accounts. The tool creates copies of specific sub-accounts at specific times, saving you the time and effort that would have otherwise been spent.

You can create sub-accounts for clients and get them to use your CRM immediately. Snapshots eliminates manual sub-account creation, streamlining onboarding in the process. Here’s how to share Gohighlevel snapshots;

Step 1: Go to the agency dashboard

Ensure you’ve created snapshots and go to the dashboard. Click on account snapshots as shown below

snapshots dashboard

Step 2: Go to Share Button

Select active snapshot as shown and click on the share button.

snapshot share button

Step 3: Get GoHighLevel Snapshots Share Link

Select share snapshot type. You can select email share, get a permanent link, etc. and click “get link”.

Get GoHighLevel Snapshots Share Link

How to Import GoHighLevel Snapshots 

When someone wants to send a snapshot, they can either share a URL link or email a snapshot. To import Gohighlevel snapshots, follow the simple steps below;

Step 1: Open GoHighLevel Snapshots Link

Paste link in your browser. You will be redirected to the account snapshot page, as shown below;

Import GoHighLevel Snapshots 

Step 2: Import The Shared GoHighLevel Snapshots

Click the import now button, and you’ll be redirected to the “imported snapshots” tab as shown below

check imported GoHighLevel Snapshots

Gohighlevel Snapshot Marketplace 

Gohighlevel snapshot marketplace can be described as a platform for users to buy/sell pre-built custom templates for Gohighlevel accounts. These marketplaces offer snapshots that can be used to set up various Gohighlevel account elements fast and easy. The marketplaces can offer landing pages, SMS sequences, emails, automation and workflows, saving users precious time and effort. 

Gohighlevel snapshot marketplace is particularly useful for new users keen on launching new marketing campaigns in the fastest way possible without compromising on anything. Other benefits of using Gohighlevel snapshot marketplace are;

  • Accessing expert snapshot knowledge: Snapshots created by experienced users can be used by new users with ease and all resulting benefits i.e., getting a quick start. Snapshots are imported fast, allowing users to run marketing campaigns in record time.
  • Access to custom snapshots: You can customize snapshots to match the specific needs or goals of your business.

Examples of Gohighlevel Snapshot Marketplace

There are several platforms in 2023 that you can go to and buy/sell pre-built custom templates for your Gohighlevel account. The most notable include;

  • Extendly for Highlevel
  • AgencyBox
  • White Label Snapshots


Gohighlevel is among the leading CRM marketing platforms today. If you want to run a digital marketing agency successfully, you need a platform like Gohighlevel to automate many aspects of running your business. Gohighlevel has notable features including snapshots which eliminates the time, effort and other resources spent on creating and running multiple client accounts. 

With snapshots, you can duplicate templates, share snapshots, import snapshots, and much more. We’ve detailed how you can do all the above and more, including the specific marketplaces you can use to buy/sell pre-built custom templates for your Gohighlevel account. While there may be more to Gohighlevel snapshots than what’s discussed above, we’ve detailed the most critical information to consider about Gohighlevel Snapshots.

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