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Tips to Implement Post-Purchase Upsells on Shopify(Step-by-step Guide)

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create Post-Purchase Upsells on Shopify

There are many factors that determine the success of a Shopify store. After you launch your online store, you must make many improvements that range from adding high-quality product photos and videos to adding smart AI-powered chatbot to improve customer service.

You can also add a post-purchase upselling app to increase the number of products your customers buy. But what’s post-purchase upselling? And how to create Post-Purchase upsells to boost Shopify store’s Sale?

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What’s Post-purchase Upselling

Upselling is attempting to get an existing/current customer to buy more or pay more. As the name suggests, this kind of upselling takes place after a purchase. It can be an attempt to sell other products/services that a customer is likely to be interested in. It can also be an attempt to make a customer upgrade a purchase i.e., pay yearly instead of monthly for a subscription.

How Post-purchase Upsells Differ from Pre-Purchase Upsells: Pre Purchase Upsell vs Post Purchase Upsell

1. Timing: The main difference is when the upselling takes place. Post-purchase upsells happen after a purchase, pre-purchase upsells happen before a purchase. 

2. Offer basis: Another notable difference is how offers are based. For instance, post-purchase upsells are usually based on what a customer has just bought. Product suggestions may rely on other things but are more focused on presenting offers related to a current purchase. 

Pre-purchase upsells are generally based on past buying behavior or what a customer is about to buy i.e., what they have been looking at in-store.

3. Performance: Post purchase upsells also tend to perform better than pre-purchase upsells. The reason for this can be linked to their simplicity. Since customers have already entered their information, selling is fast and easy with little to no inputs. 

Post purchase upsells also work with proven data i.e., what a customer has bought as opposed to what they are likely to buy.

3 Step to Maximize Profits with Post-Purchase Upsell Offers on Your Shopify Store 

If you wish to provide your existing and potential customers with irresistible post-purchase upsell offers that yield profits, you must consider the best practices below;

1. Identifying Ideal Products for Post-Purchase Upsells

Post-purchase upsell offers are only as great as the products they suggest. How do you identify product offers that customers can’t ignore? Well, consider the following;

A. Analyzing Your Product Catalog for Complementary Offerings 

To provide the best offer, you need to check your product catalog and identify potential offers. This step helps to identify products with higher margins than others, popular from less popular products, and more.

B. Understanding Customer Preferences and Buying Patterns 

It also helps to understand the buying patterns and preferences of potential and existing customers. You need a general profile of your actual and preferred clients to offer post-purchase upsell offers that make sense to them.

C. Using Data and Analytics to Identify High Converting Upsell Opportunities 

It’s also prudent to use data analysis to identify upselling opportunities. The analysis can be done based on past purchase data. To do this effectively, you need a good Shopify upsell app. A good app will also do the above for you automatically using powerful tech (artificial intelligence and machine learning).

2. Implementing Post-purchase Upsells on Shopify

Since using a good Shopify post purchase upsell app is part of the best practices for boosting profits from post purchase upsell offers, which app should you use?

Well, Candy Rack app comes highly recommended. The app is among the few highly rated AI-powered Shopify upsell apps. If you care to know how to use Candy Rack on your Shopify store, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Install Candy Rack

Start by installing Candy Rack on your Shopify store. 

Install Candy Rack

Step 2: Create Post-Purchase Upsell offer

After you get the upsell app installed. just proceed and create your offer by clicking “Create Upsell”

Create Post-Purchase Upsell offer

Step 3: Configure and Preview Offer

Configure the offer as you wish, selecting different options. For instance, select the specific products, placement, and where exactly the offer should show. In our case, that’s the post-purchase or thank you page.

set up post-purchase upsell on shopify

You can perform many other configurations, such as upsell position and choose when the offer should be shown i.e., based on cart value.

shopify post purchase upsell

Finish by previewing your offer. 

3. Dealing with Customer Objections and Declined Upsells 

A. Addressing Common Customer Objections to Upsell Offers 

Post-purchase upsell apps have the ability to collect feedback from customers. You should use this feedback to find and address common customer issues. For instance, a customer may pass on an offer because of factors like price and irrelevancy. Such information can assist in setting a better price or offering product/service that customers find useful.

B. Turning Declined Upsells into Future Opportunities Through Strategic Follow-ups 

Declined upsells can also be used as an opportunity to reach out to customers in the future. For instance, the feedback can be used as a reason to reach out and get/provide more information in the future.

C. Retaining A Positive Customer Experience Even After a Declined Offer 

Post-purchase upsells don’t have to be taken up. Even after customers decline offers, an overall positive experience should be a priority. Declined upsells shouldn’t be an excuse to oversell but understand a customer’s preferences and respect their wishes.


Having a post-purchase Shopify upsell app like Candy Rack is just the beginning. There are best practices and tips you must follow to ensure the app boosts sales significantly. We’ve discussed everything there is to know about setting up post-purchase upsell apps perfectly. 

Once you have a good app like Candy Rack, the next most important thing is identifying the products you wish to upsell using data analysis, customer behavior, and complementary product variety. You also need to implement upsells correctly and use the feedback you collect to improve your offers.

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